me1A little about me….

It wasn’t long ago that I was entrapped in a corporate job where freedoms were at a minimum. Everyday I could feel my desire for true freedom…personal and financial freedom blossoming within. It was like a voice that wouldn’t be silenced and a feeling that would not let go…

Finally one day the inner desire would be silenced no more and the Entrepreneur within me was born. My earnest journey into Internet marketing had begun.

Since that moment, I’ve studied and completed John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass 2009. This intensive course on online product creation and marketing lasted for 42 weeks.  Early 2010 I enrolled in Lee McIntyre’s Point and Click coaching as well as recently signing up for Tyrone Shum’s Outsourcing Mastermind Course.

I continue to be active in John’s new 2010 class as well as actively participating on the class forum. It is through these types of forums that I have managed to make some great connections and JV partners as well as continue my education within the IM world.

During these months of study and implementation, I’ve been personally mentored by some awesome teachers through ecourses and Skype connections. My knowledge base continues to grow as does my determination to achieve my dreams of  personal and financial freedom….through online entrepreneurship. I will never give up.

Because I realized early on the importance of a network, I now enjoy a very supportive network of wise friends, mentors and partners whose knowledge base combined is inclusive of anything you could possibly want to learn in the IM field. If there is a good product or service out there, one of them will discover it and we all benefit from the knowledge.  I am a firm believer in your network. A good part of what you find here…I have gleaned through my network.

A network simply multiplies your knowledge ten fold. And, I have an awesome network.

I enjoy passing on all the free resources, ebooks, reports and videos that I get my hands on…as well as any tools and software that I’ve discovered and used that may help you on your own online entrepreneurial journey.

If your entrepreneurial spirit is blossoming as mine is…if you feel yourself begging to break free of the confines imposed upon you by others,  if you truly want to tackle life on your own terms…the Internet is abound with opportunity!

If you want to learn more about the one field of work that can make you truly free…free to work wherever and whenever you want…then stay tuned and come back often as I continue my journey into Outsourcing and the IM world.

Better yet, sign up and I’ll keep you updated to my newest discovery in the Outsourcing or IM world as well as let you know of any products I know would help your own IM business to grow and thrive.

This is the age of the Internet Entrepreneur.  Opportunities exist that have never existed before…and these opportunities are producing freedoms at levels seldom if ever, seen before.

It truly is an exciting time to be alive!

On a more personal note, I am a single mother of 3, Christopher, Shannon and Stephanie and the Grandmother of 3, Michael, Joseph and the newly arrived and much anticipated Juliet Elizabeth.  These are truly the lights of my life. I have been blessed.

It is my desire to share my journey to personal and financial freedom and in so doing take others by the hand and bring them with me. 😉

Celebrating freedom…yours and mine,

Kathy *

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