The Real You: Love Itself

by  | Dec 2017 (complete credit for this article goes to thank Miriandra for allowing herself to be the channel for such enlightening material!! You are loved!!

Don’t think you are a frequency? What do you think your heartbeat is? It is your frequency connection to Source…which is LOVE! Therefore you are the frequency of LOVE!

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“My speaking with you in this moment, as you read these words, contains one purpose and that is to express to you the love that exists not only for the you whom you are becoming, but also the you whom you have been. You have always been a most beauteous being.”

—Divine Mother

“I am Your Divine Mother and as you are emerging yourselves into a new being, as you are leaving behind that which you have been, as you are leaving behind the shell that has held you until now, until this moment when the next phase of your journey called to you…I am with you to assist you to birth, to emerge, and more so, to discover the reality of who you are.

“There are those who have assisted you by not only speaking the words of your emergence, but also by imbuing those words with frequencies which would assist you in the continuing expanding of your consciousness into the all-knowing which holds Truth evermore. And those words have caused you to pause within your daily living and to reflect upon who you have been and who you might be coming. And those frequencies have assisted you to recognize the real you, that which is emerging.

“My speaking with you in this moment, as you read these words, contains one purpose and that is to express to you the love that exists not only for the you whom you are becoming, but also the you whom you have been. You have always been a most beauteous being. You have journeyed forth into the unknown, you have suffered and you have discovered that you could change your manner of living. You discovered that you could affect changes within your physical external world by changing your inner beliefs, interpretations, and focus. You played with techniques of manifestation. And you studied expanded manners of not only healing yourselves but also assisting others to heal themselves.

“But it is not for all of these glorious reasons that you are loved. Perhaps these words would assist you to become conscious of your own beauty: you are loved because you are love itself. The vibrational frequencies of love take form as you. Then you might be wondering, what is love, especially if I am saying to you that love is not an action. Love is.

“And your mind might be responding – or reacting – with the words, “But I feel myself loving another!” or “I feel another loving me and that feels like an action.” And I would say to you, your emotions and then your mind are feeling what is… love. Love is a vibrational frequency which contains wholeness of being. It contains it, as in, it holds it. Love is the vessel, you might say, for wholeness of being. Love is the river flowing and the stream singing its song. Love is the deer as she lays beneath the thicket and licks her newborn. Love is the bird as it soars above your gaze. And love is you, as you have been awakening. Your awakening is no less beautiful than the river, or the stream, or the song, or the deer, or the newborn, or the bird and its soaring. Love is the continued expression of totality of being… in every form and manner possible. Love is the continued journey. And love comprises everything within the journey.

“And you might be saying that at times you do not feeling love-ing, at times you do not feel loved, or at times you do not feel very good at all. Yet I say to you, because you do not feel love does not mean that love does not exist. It simply means that in the moment, your frequencies within your experiences of journey are not placing your consciousness within that which you truly are. Another way of saying those words is to say that during those moments when you do not feel like you are loved or that you do not feel like you want to express love, it is your consciousness and your emotions that direct your interpretation and then experience of the moment.

“Certainly each being experiences difficult moments in life’s journey. And during those moments the conscious recognition of love – that is, the conscious recognition of that which you truly are, those frequencies which flow forth and comprise you and your journey – seems to be absent. And it is absent from your interpretation of the moment. Yet the difficulty, the interpretation is not the end-all be-all.

“The difficulty is simply the signal to you that the journey has brought to your doorstep an opportunity to participate within the illusion of separation, within the illusion which generates fear, or within the struggle of survival. In that powerful moment of realization, the next step toward relief is the knowing that you have choice. And your choice can be augmented by removing yourself from the difficulty and then by expanding your consciousness into Truth, into the knowing of wholeness of being. And you might be saying, “That is easier said than done.” And I say to you that you have had much practice in removing yourself from those circumstances which present difficulties. You are well adept at refusing to participate within reaction and fear. And I am most delighted and proud at the abilities that you have developed during your journey within physicality.

“When you say the words or think the words, “That is easier said than done”, you are actually saying that this is difficult. You are saying that it is difficult to change, it is difficult to choose differently than reacting. And I say to you that remaining within the difficulty is what promotes more of the same. Remaining within the difficulty and refusing to choose differently… perhaps because “you have tried to choose before and it didn’t work”… is allowing yourself to remain a victim to your own life. And I say most emphatically that you are not a victim to your own life! Yes, it is true that some of you who read these words have been victims within horrific experiences. Yet also, if you are reading these words, you are no longer a victim. You have chosen, by continuing to read these words, to change.

“When you choose to change, you are actually choosing to emerge from that which you have been. And you might be saying that you don’t exactly know what you will be changing to, who you will become. And I say to you that you most definitely know who you will become and you most definitely know what life’s experiences you will be calling to yourself. You do know.

“Then I ask you these questions: do you not know that you want peace? Do you not know that you want joy and delight within your experiences? Do you not know that you want fulfillment? Abundance? Wonderful health? A natural rhythm that continues to nourish your spirit? Do you not know that you want to be the beautiful being that your previous journey reached toward? Do you not want to know Truth in all its glory? Do you not know that you want to live and work and play with those who you really like, really enjoy and who are supportive to your own fullness of being? Do you not know that you want to be among those ones with whom you can share ideas and with whom you can create glorious avenues of abundance in all forms?

“And you might be saying, “Oh. Yes. Yes, I want all of those things… and I want to be all of those ways.” Of course you do. And I say to you, that is who you really are and that is who is emerging: the real you. Love. Love itself.

“The only unknown is how the glorious beautiful manner that your continued fulfillment will present itself to you. You do know intrinsically that it will cause you to be joyful, that it will remind you of your own wholeness of being, and that it will nourish not only you but the entirety of humanity.

“Beloved Being, as you emerge, as you choose fulfillment, and as you begin to become more and more aware of Truth and its manner of manifesting for you, of you; you are affecting humanity in a most glorious way. How? Just as a stone thrown into the pond causes a series of ripples, so does your love and your joyful celebration of your own fulfillment ripple through the consciousness of humanity.

“When the fears of humanity’s cry for relief come to your spirit, it is then that you can – in that moment – allow your love to become that which appears to be separate from the whole. What are you doing? You are simply denying the illusion of separation. You are embracing all beings… ALL beings.

“And you might be saying that there are some beings whom you would rather not embrace. And we do understand your hesitation; it is your human hesitation. Yet you are divine. You are more than the hesitation, you are more than the dislike for those beings’ actions. When you feel revulsion toward some beings, that is the moment to separate yourself from those feelings. That is the moment to refuse the illusion of separation and to place your knowing within the Truth of One Being. When you remember that there is only one being, that all beings are one being, and you allow yourself to reside within that moment, you are restoring your own consciousness to wholeness of being. It is as if you are refusing to participate within survival and you are choosing to love, to be who you really are. Once you have returned your consciousness to love, then beloved ones, it is easy to love all… one might say that it is as natural as breathing.

“When you love All, you are – and we say this most emphatically – causing a ripple to flow through what you call the sleeping consciousness. You are tapping those who are seemingly stuck within survival and you are whispering within their spirit, “I am here. You are not alone. You are loved. There are many who are here to help you. You are loved.” And you yourselves remember exactly what it feels like to hear or to intuit those words and the feelings within those words. You remember what it was like to step from survival into living, to dare to try a new way, to dare to take the hand that was reaching out to you. Now you are that hand, now you are that one who is whispering, “There is another way and it is beautiful. Just say yes and I will help you.” And you know what it is like to fear… to fear to dare to say yes. And, beloved ones, you know what it is like to finally dare to say, “Yes. Yes I am willing to try something new, something different.” And beloved ones, you know that such daring was and continues to be the restoration of hope. And your manner of loving all is now the fulfillment of hope. Perhaps you will reflect upon those words?

“Always are you embraced with your Divine Mother’s Love. It is who we are together. Until we speak again…”

In gratitude to our Divine Mother and to 

The real you…your authentic frequency is actually LOVE!! Anytime you move outside of this frequency, you distort your life. Dis-illusion, dis-cord, dis-disease, dis, dis, dis appears in your life because you are not in harmony with your REAL FREQUENCY WHICH IS THE FREQUENCY OF LOVE!

So much LOVE…

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