This is the Divine Marriage…the Alchemical Marriage of your female and male side…joined as ONE, in service to Love.

When your mind discovers your heart and falls deeply in love with your heart they begin working as ONE in Unison of purpose in line with Divine Will. A new consciousness is borne of this union…this consciousness is lovingly called “Christ Consciousness”, it is the Christ child…the Crystal Diamond of YOU.

YOU are the person you are destined to fall in love with and until you do you will always be searching for your other half, you will always feel an emptiness because both your sides were created to play together not work separately as they do now.

These are exciting times we are living in. All of our DNA strands are being restored (you know the ones science used to identify as “useless”) as we are hit by transforming energy from the Greater Suns. We are shifting from a lower frequency of thought which is fear based to the higher frequency of thought which is Love and the deepest Love we can KNOW is Love of ourselves.


When the mind joins hands in sacred matrimony with the heart, then the war inside is over.


This is the Divine Union and out of this Union is born a son…the son of God…the sun of Love.

Christ Consciousness is the highest conscious state anyone can reach as a mortal. When you have arrived at this high state of consciousness your body will be “lit” from within as every veil and mask that you previously wore to disguise yourself has been removed.

Christ Consciousness is Divine Consciousness…the marriage of spirit and matter…feeling and intellect.

It is your mind falling in love with your heart…it is YOU in love with YOU, it is Love falling in Love with Love.


All this time we have been searching outside of ourselves for our perfect Love when all the time it was inside of us “right under our nose”…


Can it get any simpler to understand than that?

When was the last time you looked inside for your perfect Love?


In LOVE with Love…




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