Most likely there are lots of you reading this that have already viewed this video.  But, I was so moved when I watched it (I’ve actually watched it three times) that I thought posting it here was well worth it even if there was only one person who hasn’t seen it yet.  It is twenty minutes long…but, I guarantee you, you will be mesmerized.   It goes fast…and, you will come away with knowledge about the human race and how our brains work.  It will help you to discover who you are and where your peace is.  I personally meditate often and I know exactly what this “peace” is she is talking about.  I have been there and felt the ONENESS…the fluidity.

Remember, there is only ONE thing and ONE thing only that all of the human race shares…and that ONE thing is Silence.  You share this with everyone.  This is where you will find your peace.

What does this have to do with Internet Marketing?  Nothing and everything.  Understanding yourself and your position in the Universe can only aid you on your journey to success.  Finding your place of peace will give you the patience and endurance you need to succeed online…through all your trials and errors.

Some things are just worth the time…and, this is one of them.  EnJoy….Kathy

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