Hourglass NebulaHere is a picture of MyCn18, also called the Hourglass Nebula.  This nebula is located in the constellation of Musca and is approximately 8000 light years from earth.  The picture was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and it was discovered by Annie Jump Cannon and Margaret  W. Mayall.

The April 1997 issue of National Geographic featured it on the cover and because of it’s unique appearance the magazine’s editors commented that “Astronomers looked 8000 years into the cosmos with the Hubble Space Telescope and it seemed that the eye of God was staring back.”

The hourglass nebula looks exactly like a vesica piscis….a geometric figure that everything else in the Universe springs from.   It is literally referred to as the womb of the Universe.

What is most fasinating to me  is that eye in the center.  If you click on the picture you can magnify it with the tool they provide.   Believe me, its worth it.   Awesome isn’t it?   Is it any wonder that they called it the “eye of God.”

There’s lots of talk about 2012 and it’s significance.  We are heading back into the Golden Age, having come through the silver, bronze and iron ages, (the age we are presently in) we will soon enter the Golden Age….the age of enlightenment.  Each age is approximately 6,500 years, so it takes approximately 26,000 years to complete the cycle.  Everything has a season…a calendar.  Not only does the earth and other planets orbit around the sun, the sun and planetary system has it’s own orbit around the galaxy…and the galaxy is on it’s own path around the Universe.  Each creating it’s own times and seasons.  We must pay attention, not only to our own earth’s rotation and revolution, but expand our horizons to understand the greater systems.  It is happening, whether we choose to pay attention or not.

The womb of our Milky Way galaxy is soon to give birth to a new earth…a new way of living and being.  We are coming to the end of an age….not only the end of an age, but the completion of  the 26,000 cycle .  On Dec. 21st, 2012 the planes of the earth, sun and center of our galaxy will line up.  Forming a perfect alignment with the center of the galaxy the sun will sit precisely on the heavenly crossroads between the Milky Way and the galactic equinox….creating a portal that only happens once in 26,000 years.  Can you imagine the energy that will flow through?

For all you scientists that have a difficult time connecting with the Mayans and what their calendar predicted…for all those who need scientific proof….check out the scientific proof of something major happening astronomically in the heavens in the year 2012.  There truly is a physical, tangible event in the heavens on this date.  If we go back in time to when each of those 6,500 year ages ended, we will find that something major occured  to completely change the course of mankind.

It is time for the marriage of science and spirit.  Is it any wonder that the world mantra right now is “change?”

Once again the cosmos mirrors what is happening here on earth.  The space created when you cross two circles is called the womb (it looks exactly like a woman’s womb…the place of creation.)  MyCn18 (as well as SuperNova 1987A) are perfect examples of the vesica piscis…the womb.  Not surprising that they have both recently surfaced to our attention.  Clues from the heavens to us of what is happening here on earth as well as throughout the Universe.

“As above, so below.”

So, next time you go gazing into the cosmos…..know that the cosmos is gazing back at you. (with lots of love…of course  😉 )

Cosmically yours,


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