I am a day late getting to my MasterClass lesson this week.  Spent the last few days with my two grandsons, daughter and son-in-law up in Tampa.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than playing with those two little guys.  They truly are the light of my life and one of the biggest catalysts to my becoming a success in internet marketing.  I want freedom to see them whenever I desire and becoming a successful internet marketer will give me that freedom.

Signed up with Google Adsense as instructed in lesson three and now I am waiting for confirmation that my application will be accepted, then I will proceed on with the last few steps of the lesson.  Kinda exciting to think that I could actually be making money from this blog in a short period of time.

Today was the first day I found myself on Google.  Been there almost daily checking the status and to finally see my blog listed was a real rush! This is the start of big things I can feel it.  And, I am so happy that I took that first step…that all important action step…of signing up for this class.  That was my sign to the Universe that I was ready to BE the success that I had been reading about for nearly two years.  That’s the key.  You can read and study till forever, but taking action is what sets those desires in motion and brings them to life.  Without action you only have daydreams.

I am so grateful to John Thornhill for creating this class and….

I am so grateful to be sharing all of this with you.


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