Be free as a butterfly...Recently I have felt a bit drained.  There’s alot on my plate right now and managing my time is of utmost importance.  There’s the job outside the home (hopefully that will be a thing of the past sometime soon),, the family that needs attention,the home itself, the forum, the class, the ebook, this blog and just life in general takes time.   Whew, I get tired just thinking about it.   😉

No wonder I was feeling drained.  I was ignoring some of the most important elements that have helped me get here.  Meditation…time to connect with the internal being…to connect with source, to revive and rejuvenate my spirit…the engine that runs me.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in outside demands, we forget to address our internal needs.  But, if we are to succeed…and feel rewarded in the process…these things must come first.

Taking responsibility for our actions also keeps us on the right path.  Life is always going to throw issues at us.  It is how we respond to these issues that effects our conditions.  Remember the two side of a coin.  People who just react have no vision.  They simply follow a patterned reaction.  They do not see the bigger picture.  Those that act consciously (fully aware of their actions) see the bigger picture and know they have choices in how they react to their trials and circumstances and these choices create their environment.

Remember, everything is relative.  The only absolute is God…or whatever term you use to address the Higher Being Energy.  And, make no mistake about it…there is a Higher Being…it can’t be any other way.  There is energy ahead of us and energy behind us. It’s evolution.

An issue that may seem totally bad/negative to you, if you could see the bigger picture…somewhere this same action is good/positive for someone or something else.   There are always two sides.  Be careful how you label things….because as you see it…it will be.  That is your choice….your freewill.

We are all One movement forward.  when you separate yourself out from the whole you are leaving the flow and fighting against life.  You’re trying to swim upstream.  “Go with the flow” my friends and you will know peace.  See the bigger picture and peace will be yours.  Take time to meditate and connect with source…and you will feel the peace I am speaking of.

It’s that place where nothing else abides.  That’s why it’s peaceful.  😉

There are two sides to every coin. We do have choices.  Live in peace or not….the choice is yours.

I found a wonderful site that is full of inspiring and motivational material.  And, the best part about it is there are four pages of free ebooks to help and inspire you.  Something for everyone…and, if you are reading this, no doubt there is something for you.

White Dove Books

I promise you it’s worth a visit.

Food for thought:  “As man is God was once, and as God is man shall become.”

Peace….my friends,


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