Checked into my email this morning to find a nice gift.  You just never know what might be lurking behind that mail click.  To my surprise this morning was a lead to a page that listed 556 resources for online success.  This is as comprehensive as it gets.  I haven’t had time to go through the list and check each link out, but I can easily see the value in this golden gem.

Using your time wisely is one of the most valuable aspects of success.  No doubt this is going to save me hours of search and you can be sure I am going to keep this list close at hand to reference.

Many thanks to Keith for sharing such valuable information.  I am constantly amazed at the incredible minds I have aligned myself with.  That’s an important message too.  Read that sentence again.

If you are a beginner…or even a seasoned pro, aligning yourself with those ahead of you on this journey is as important as any aspect of this business.  Never for once believe you know it all.  Always stay in the position of student…even while you are teaching and you will continue to learn.  Believe you know it all….and soon….in the big picture, you will know nothing.

Learn from others, share what you know…and success will follow!

That’s living the laws folks.  Give and receive….and so it goes….  😉

Check it out.

Free Resources

Thanks again Keith!



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