garden growThere’s a lower purpose and a higher purpose to all things because there are two sides to all things in life.

All things.

There is a personal private interpretation of life that you create and buy into in your mind through your perceptions about life and there is the Divine blueprint, the “Bigger Picture” that is all inclusive of all things…it is the original “blue-print”, the expression of pure perfection of all things before they are distorted by personal opinion….and this is where Love lives…it is eternal and infinite in nature as opposed to your narrow limited, defined, opinionated world.

Each moment we choose which of these two roads we’re honoring/traveling/serving.

Our perceptions, perspectives, thoughts and eventually actions are paving our “road” for us.

Those are the only creators of our personal paths, no one else has the controls but us…only we have the power to “shift” perceptions, to move consciously from the lower frequency personal road of thought perception to the higher divine frequency road of thought perception by the desire and intent of the heart to do so.

When we “let go” and “let God” or “Go with the flow” we allow life to evolve and dance to a higher purpose than what our personal needs demand. We let go of our “personal” needs to embrace a “bigger picture”…one that includes ALL living things. We quit trying to stear all of life down our personal road/demands and open ourselves to the “flow of Universal Love”, the authentic vibration…the frequency of life.

This “bigger” picture is the path of our most cherished desires because this path contains “all things”…it is the path of our authentic passion, power and purpose. It is the path that all our narrow personal paths have sprung from.

However, our personal paths are small and defined by our perceptions and only include our personal needs as we see them from a narrow limited perspective. The bigger picture includes all of life…it is not subject to our personal labels, titles and definitions of things…the personal paths that limited vision creates.


This “bigger” picture is Love in motion.


It’s just like the number “one” is all inclusive of all numbers because without the number “one” there are no other numbers. Love, the Bigger picture, the higher road, ONEness, Singularity, Eternity, infinity…is all inclusive of all things that come after.

The bigger picture has no definitions, labels, titles or opinions defining it therefore it is the ONLY THING THAT INCLUDES ALL THINGS!

Don’t you see? Everything already is but your personal opinions/perspectives narrow this “bigger” picture to fit into your definitions and perceptions and no longer do you view the bigger picture but only “see” and experience your “defined” world, the narrow world you are creating with your narrow limited thoughts, perceptions, perspectives, definitions, beliefs and titles of things.

They belong to you alone.

The “big” picture/perspective belongs to Love…it belongs to everyone who wants to consciously adjust and shift their perceptions to include all things and get out of their narrowly defined worlds.

Love is always in operation, however, definitions place limits on what it can do in our lives because we are limited by our personal perceptions…our beliefs, titles and labels of things.

Every moment of every day two “choices” are presented to us. We can choose the “low narrow” path/personal road in which case we are working exclusively for our own personal needs and wants…we are in service to self, or we can choose the “high” road that is all inclusive of Life…that chooses to allow Love, the higher wisdom to flow freely doing its job to perfection as we move out of the way with our narrow contaminated “I want it my way” thoughts. We are in service to Love.


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There are no definitions to what is happening in your life except the ones you place on it.

When you are not “flowing” with the moment…when you are trying to force life to “see” things your personal way you are in resistance mode. You are pushing against Love…the greater “good”.

When you are in resistance mode you are operating under 3D perspectives. You create using 3D laws. Work and toil are the prerequisites to creating because you are creating in the narrow world defined by your definitions and titles and under the rule of cause and effect. There is no magic here.

You have shut the Universe/Love out with its wise knowing ways (remember…it is/sees the Bigger Picture) and you no longer have access to ALL THINGS but are limited to your private world of definitions.

You now have limited access to creating.

You are only allowed to create within the structure of what you have defined. All other things are left out…by you.

However, when you let go and allow Love to operate at all times without placing definitions, titles, labels, and personal opinions on unconditionallove_smit’s operation, then your frequency is aligned with ALL THINGS…you are aligned with LOVE and since Love is all inclusive, you therefore have access to ALL POSSIBILITY created out of the frequency of LOVE.

You are creating from 5D consciousness/understanding which embraces all things as Love and is not subject to cause and effect and personal opinion…the rules of 3D.


You are seeing through the eyes of Love.


If you are in the “flow” it won’t matter what the outer occurrences or appearances in your life are…you recognize all of them as Love at work and you don’t define it or resist what is happening rather you “flow” with it.

When you are in the “flow” you are “flow-ering”, you are blossoming. When you are out of the “flow” you are damned…stagnant and full of unnecessary weeds and you know what weeds do? If not controlled, they choke out the beauty of the garden.


The real question is…

Have you examined the garden of your consciousness lately?

Are you in the “flow” or are you resisting? Are you traveling the “high road” or the “low road”? Are you “going with the flow” and allowing the “flow-ering” of your life or are you letting the weeds choke the life out of you?

No one can make these choices for you…that’s how powerful you are!

Flying through the air with the greatest of ease…in love with Love…will you join me?

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