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When we feel as though we must defend, argue or join a “heated discussion” or perceive a negative situation we are in “fight” mode.

When we “run” or purposely leave a situation because of the energy we feel we are in “flight” mode.

Not surprisingly, psychologists call this the “fight or flight” mode. It is the energy, the perceptions coming from survival instincts and both are valid, one as much as the other.

However, this is a New Age…and, a new dispensation is coming forth. One that does neither…”fight nor flight.”

This ONE is the “Christed One”...that “Lights up the darkness”...that gives the command “Let there be Light” through its perception of Love which is Light.

This is the ONE that KNOWS balance, that embraces the moment as given to them fully able to remain in their own Center as the creator of their reality.

What is this Center? This Center is LOVE of course. Love sees only LOVE at all times…even when our senses are picking up on uncomfortable energy.

Just because energy is uncomfortable does not mean that it is not of Source/Love. LOVE expresses as all things…even uncomfortable things. In fact, when you come right down to it, it is the “abrasions” in our lives that carve the beauty out of us by scrubbing off the “veils” until our “vision” is perfect. There is nothing that is not LOVE when we move into Unity consciousness.

If we are seeing and feeling anything but LOVE in the moment then we have gone off Center into “fight or flight” survival mode and back into 3D consciousness. There is no judgment…because there is never a right or wrong…however our energy is aligning with survival and not LOVE which is eternal.

However if in any situation our perception is strong enough to see through ALL THE VEILS then we see only LOVE at work shaping and cutting, forming and fitting us and the energy around us until there is nothing in our perceptions but LOVE.

LOVE is always at work and if we see or “feel” anything but LOVE it is because we are perceiving a false God. There is nothing but LOVE at work at all times and to assign another title to this energy is to create and empower a false God.

“It’s very interesting to note here that the bible is very stern on this: “…there shall be NO other Gods before me”.

There is only LOVE at work at all times and when we finally arrive at being fully ALIVE in the MOMENT then every previous perception that “saw” and “felt” anything outside of LOVE is “tuned-up”…aligned with and harmonized with the frequency and power of LOVE.

It’s called Master-hood and belongs to those who have found Center where balance is created and are not thrown off this center by outside influences….ever!

It’s when you take up the “Sword of Truth” as a Warrior of LOVE in the name of LOVE and stand steadfast in your perception of LOVE and the Knowledge that “All things are Perfect at all times.”

This is when “resistance is eliminated as you begin to “flow” with this Higher Intelligence of Life, Love, and give up the personal battle.

The “fight or flight” mechanism is disengaged and no longer the tyrant it used to be because you have stripped it of its energy by “seeing” only Love.

Outside influences affect us negatively only when we’ve left our Center and our perceptions have lowered their frequency to 3D and “see” and “feel” a lesser vibration…one we assign the title of “negative”.

And, of course by “seeing” and “feeling” negative vibrations that is exactly what it becomes to us because we are always the creator of our environments…of our lives.

The POWER comes from the ability to stay anchored in LOVE no matter what is thrown into your circle. To BE the Power of Love itself at work aligning and transmuting energy by your higher perceptions…”higher vibration”/higher frequency.

In other words…you really don’t “heal” anything because you never “see” anything not aligned with LOVE in the first place. THAT IS A POWERFUL PERCEPTION!

A healer does not “heal” a patient by “seeing” the darkness…the dis-ease, the distortion. The healer heals by seeing LOVE and PERFECTION in the moment no matter how dark the energy or desperate the disease appears to others.

A true healer SEES right through the veils of illusion presenting themselves as negative to others.

They are only negative by the power of  our personal perceptions and those come from our subconscious titling of things.

A true healer…a true Master sees only LOVE at work at all times.

These are very “high” teachings and if you are able to grasp the Light expressing then you are powerful indeed! Which of course you are!

Changing your perception to LOVE in EVERY MOMENT is the way to change how you Let Your Love Flowfeel, see and experience life.

This is when you have arrived at 5D thinking/frequencies. Very high and powerful as you rise above the lower, denser frequencies that used to control how you perceived life.

Can you reap a bushel of beans by planting carrot seeds? Of course not…You must BE what you want to SEE and conversely, you must SEE what you want to BE. You must plant what you want to reap in the moment. (Life always expresses “now”…so whatever you “see” is what you will “feel” and whatever you “feel” is what you ARE in the moment.)

If you find that you are “feeling” negativity then understand that it is a signal …it is your body trying to tell you that something (a perception you are having in the moment) is out of alignment with LOVE because you are “feeling” a vibration other than LOVE…you have aligned your frequency with a lower vibration.

If you “see” and “feel” negativity then that is what it is to you because your PERCEPTIONS create your life.

If we remain in our Center…which is the POWER OF LOVE then what in the world could ever affect us? We are Warriors of Love…always staying steadfast in our belief and perception of LOVE.

We see and feel only LOVE, not a separate God, a separate power outside of LOVE.

There is no “positive or negative” in UNITY there is only LOVE.

Don’t you “see”, all things will express as LOVE in our world when all perceptions have aligned with LOVE and we create “Heaven on Earth”…and populate it with Divine Humans.

You will never eliminate the “feelings” of negativity as long as you continue to “see” negativity…they go hand in hand.

As we strip yet another “veil” from our understanding…
we shift into “High Beam LIGHT”…

Hang on for the ride goes deeper…yet gets LIGHTER!

In Love with LOVE…








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