heroesvillainsThink the Hero and Heroine the greater role in life?

The movie Maleficent was the perfect example of how the villain and heroine are one.

Without the villain setting into motion the actions that would allow a heroine to be created there is no heroine.

Think about that. Mmmm…does that mean we actually need the villainous side of ourselves. Absolutely!

How else do you expect to become a Master, Hero or Heroine without something to overcome? There has to be something to give these terms meaning.

Masters, hero’s and heroines have all conquered fear in its many disguises. However without fear to conquer they could not rise to Master, Hero or Heroine. It is fear that presents them the opportunity to rise to higher levels of strength and valor, to become the revered Master, Hero or Heroine.

Love has come disguised as fear in service to Love.

You can’t have one without the other. You cannot separate the hero from the villain anymore than you can separate the wave from the ocean. Each one is the cause of the other.

The key is to have a conscious “knowing” that you are both sides of the equation and love both sides equally knowing they each give form and definition to the other. When you arrive at this point in your awareness you no longer assign a different title to each side as though heart-from-waves (1)they operate independently.

You recognize them as ONE UNIT operating towards the same goal…that of the expression of Love.

No longer do you place one side above the other and create “issues” in your life…distortions in your energy signature and disease in your body; your consciousness is balanced. In this “state of mind” your conscious energy flows equally in Love to all persons, places and things.

When it does you will have arrived in a higher dimension/frequency of thought/consciousness…one that contains magic. Why does it contain magic? Because you have eliminated any personal thoughts or opinions that you normally assign to persons, places or things and replaced them with the perception of Love.

When you eliminate lower frequencies that contain your “personal information and definitions of things” the only thing left is Love. Try it sometime. Remove your personal thoughts…your opinions, judgments, accusations, limits and borders and what are you left with?

Eternity, Infinity and all things that are not bounded in time…in your definitions. It opens the dimension of “all possibility” that Love is.

Why “all possibility”? Because you’ve removed your limits and labels and so the “whole of the Universe” has opened itself to you. You are vibrating with Love.

The Pure Frequency of Love has no opinions or beliefs…limits or borders. There are no judgments or definitions in Love for it embraces all things equally.

You need no prefixes on the word Love for Love is all things and cannot be defined for to define it is to limit it to that definition. Love is all definitions.

The next time a “villain” shows up in your life…shift your perception…shift your view from one of blame, shame, guilt and fear to one of acceptance, understanding, knowing and Love.

See that villain as part of YOU…the part of you that comes dangling the gift…the title of Master, Hero and Heroine in front of you…the question is… everything you want

Will you accept the offer?

Without the sacrifice of the villain offering you the opportunity to become a Hero or Heroine there is none.

There is no villain…there is no Hero…they are ONE and the same shaping and toning, cutting and polishing you until nothing is left but the consciousness of equality, balance, purity…Love; The Divine Crystal.

It’s all about perceptions guys…you must shift your perceptions so that you only see ONE Force playing in life rather than two forces opposing/working against one another. That separated, divided consciousness causes distortions in your energy signature, disease in your body and disruption in the flow of your life.

There is only ONE FORCE playing both sides and YOU are that Force… This ride is easier and easier as we strip away the definitions that have limited our worlds and invite Eternity with all its possibilities in.

Hang on for some real excitement and revelation…with less baggage we soar higher and higher!!

In Love with Love…


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