How many remember “The Age of Aquarius” by the 5th Dimension? As usual, the Universe in its wise and fun ways was speaking to our hearts and even though most of us (including me) had no idea exactly what the lyrics to this song meant at the time, what they were trying to convey to our conscious understanding… they could not be more clear to my understanding than they are now.

What exactly is the Age of Aquarius and what’s the big deal about moving into this Zodiac sign? In visual, physical terms he Age of Aquarius refers to the phenomenon called Precession…the retro-grade movement of the sun back through the signs of the Zodiac (we are exiting Pisces) presently about to enter Aquarius. It is called a “precession” as opposed to a “progression” because the group of stars in the sky that the earth “sees” travels backwards through the signs not forward like the earth’s rotation around the sun (clockwise as opposed to counter clockwise).

The earth/sun spend around 2000 years in each sign as it slips backward for a total of 24,000 to 26,000 years for this cycle to complete and be back at its starting point.

Plato was well aware of the significance of  this cycle and coined it the “Great Year”. Do you think he possibly knew something we should be paying more attention to?

Why would he coin it the “Great Year” if it was not GREAT in some manner?  But like all things, this cycle, this precession has a much deeper meaning to it…one that addresses not the physical but the spiritual…the consciousness side of life. The precession determines what Age we are in, what cycle of consciousness, from low to high.  Even the bible refers to ages; they determine the consciousness level of mankind. The Hindus refer to them as Yugas and the Greeks as Ages…Golden, Silver, Bronze and Iron (the darkest of them all).

If you are thinking that the most enlightened Age, the Golden Age is perfectly named because it has everything to do with the location of the earth and our sun in relation to the “higher suns”…you would be absolutely correct. It would have everything to do with the amount of Light…which is Love. Do you think it a fluke that it was named the “Golden Age”…the age when our own earth receives the benefit of “higher” light frequencies.


yuktyugayuga-cycle earths-orbit-and-precession

Thanks to Thomas Razzado for the use of his image which so aptly shows the “cones…the hourglass” that is created through the precession.

First off, we can establish that the earth does indeed tilt on its own axis. That is not in question, but the tilt itself cannot explain our backwards precession through the heavens. So, what the heck causes us to travel backwards through these ages giving us a different starry view of the heavens  approximately every 2000 years shifting our consciousness level?

The accepted theory in the past as to why the earth/sun went backwards through the signs has always been explained away as a “wobble” of the earth on its axis due to gravitational forces from the sun and the moon pulling on the earth…the lunisolar theory. What! A wobble? How unstable is that! Not a real secure feeling!  

Thank goodness that theory is losing ground…fast. More recent high powered instruments and calculations are revealing that the backward movement of the stars in the sky (its very slow…remember, it takes 2000 years just to move through one age) is not caused by a “wobble” of the earth on its axis due to gravitational forces (thank goodness!) …there is still a wobble, but it is due to the path/orbit of our own sun in its own cycle around a greater Sun with the earth in tow.

You didn’t really think the sun was sitting still did you?

It’s bad enough that we’re revolving while we’re rotating and that our axis is tilted while we are doing all thisdizziness and now the added cycles of our suns? (This doesn’t even take into account the movement of all the other orbs around us). Enough already…I am seriously getting dizzy!! LOL

The sun does not just sit there and hang out in the sky…it is traveling in its own orbit around another greater Sun presently calculated at the dynamic speed of  486,000 miles an hour. That’s covering a lot of ground.

You can toss out that model of the solar system that is stuck in your mind with the sun in the middle and the planets orbiting around it just sitting there looking all pretty. They were partly right, planets do indeed travel around the sun but since the sun is moving at such great speed on its own path, it creates a vortex movement rather than a circular movement…quite a different story.

This is lots of fun to watch 😉


The current consensus by some of those studying this phenomena is our own sun is in a binary revolution/dance with another brighter star, and some believe this star may be Sirius the brightest known star in the night sky, (you really have to tune into your own intuitive answers.)This binary star is our suns companion.

If we have a “twin” mate/soul somewhere why wouldn’t the sun? In fact, science has already discovered that 80% of the known stars/suns travel in binary systems…do we really believe our own sun that lives in a dual expressing world would not have a twin of its own? Everything expresses in dual terms in a form. How could it be otherwise?

Even our own natures are dual in nature, male and female each one a compliment of the other…not in opposition to the other. You simply cannot have one without the other. You can be sure our sun is in a binary system with another Sun and right now evidence is pointing to Sirius as being that co-partner…that “twin-mate” of our own Sun Sol/Ra.

This is a beautiful waltz of Love.

But let’s not get hung up on “who” this other sun is…Sirius or not….let’s look at what’s going on. In order to understand the progression of power/the hierarchy of the heavenswe need look at our own electrical grid power system here on earth and how it operates.

We must study how super power is generated at much larger stations and stepped down in the electrical grid system set up for just that purpose…to be a transferring station, a receiver and generator of power…until the right frequency is sent into our homes without blowing us apart when we connect to it.

The power of consciousness/Light/Love works the same way. This high powered energy is generated in the black hole and stepped down throughout its light grid system until it is absorbed by our consciousness…our awareness.

What is this grid system? It is the suns...all those very bright suns play a huge role in the step down of consciousness…of vibration through light that is received, regenerated and resent by these powerhouses. That is their purpose.

It’s no great secret…not even to scientists that weather and all our electrical grid are effected by sun-flares. They have even tracked the influence the sun has on crime and moods. We are being effected by all vibrations that touch us…and the most powerful are those emanated by suns and stepped down through the “system”. (The planets and comets etc. all play their role in this frequency “cosmic dance”…nothing just hangs around…everything has a divine purpose that is expressed, received and resent through vibration/frequency).

That’s why we call it the “Universe”it is a unity of truly is the expression of “YOU-in-VERSE”…your frequency in expression.

The suns are converters of energy from other dimensions…I guess you could call the suns the Great Alchemists because they play with energy, they receive it and generate it.

To get hit with a shot of energy directly from the central source…the black hole would be total devastation for us. That’s why there is a system…a solar grid power system that steps energy produced in the “source” down to all the power stations (the respective suns) which then send it out to their own children…the planets and moons etc.  And, the planets…as our own beautiful, protective and nourishing Gaia step this energy down for us (we also receive these powerful rays from the sun which are not only full of health providing nutrients but contain KNOWLEDGE in the form of photons…light).

(Makes you wonder if the campaign against “skin cancer” was not really a campaign set in motion to keep us out of the sun…to deny us knowledge). Mmmm…

So, what are some of the “suns/sons” that might be involved in the step down of energy, this electrical cosmic grid system? At least in our part of the Galaxy? There are many super suns in this section of the galaxy, Arcturus is one. It is a 5th dimensional star the the prototype to where we are headed…the home of our new dimension.

There are three other suns that are heavily discussed in metaphysical and astrological circles presently (and interestingly enough these same suns have been the heroes of legends, myths, and epic tales throughout all time. (Maybe its time we sat up and took notice of what the Universe is trying to tell us)!

Sun: Alcyone

Sun: Sirius

Sun: Ra/Horus/Sol

You might just call this trio of suns, “My Three Suns/Sons”...(really…another very huge clue/humor from the Universe)…for all you young people, “My Three Sons” was a sitcom type show back in the 60’s. Just another “subtle plant” by “universal intelligence”…planting the seed of awareness that will eventually “bloom”. The Universe really is “talking” to us all the time…we just aren’t paying attention! 

Wonder what would happened if we actually opened our “eyes and ears” to see and hear in every moment. There would be no secrets for everything is being revealed at all times we just don’t see it until our frequency is high enough and kicks in our “cosmic senses”. That’s also when we start “paying” attention.


Ok…so back to the precession. This new “binary star” theory explains the precession as the earth following the sun’s curving path on its own cycle. This cycle, this “wobble” this path takes between 24,000 and 26,000 years to complete before it begins again.

In other words, we are finishing a “Great Year” …I would say that’s a great reason to celebrate! We throw grand celebrations for own earth birthdays (our own earthly cycle through the 12 signs takes 12 months and equates to 1 year)…

Can you imagine the celebration the Milky Way Galaxy has in store as the sun completes another 24,000 year cycle? A cosmic birthday cake with 24,000 candles on it!

These are spectacular times we are in because we are celebrating the completion of a Cosmic Great Year…and we’re all invited to the Birthday Party.

It is a time of enlightenment (from all those candles and all that light) and celebration. It is a Grand Time indeed. Amazingly enough there really are candles on this cosmic birthday cake and we’ll talk more about that in future posts.

You will also need a gift to bring to this birthday party. You didn’t really think you were getting in without a gift did you? Tune in to find out what this “gift” is.

Once again this magic carpet ride is taking us deep into the secrets of the Universe…the longer you stay anchored on the ride the more secrets are revealed to your clarity and understanding.

Expanded Consciousness Lesson:

Just as images/life is formed and shaped by light and dark…Consciousness is shaped and formed by the light and dark and our position relative to light sources/suns in the cosmos. We are currently leaving darkness and entering light as we bask once again in the brightness of our partner Sun.


Hang on as the ride picks up speed here! Let the “Sun shine in”…magic carpet ride2

Riding the Vibration of LOVE..


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