Sunday morning I submitted my “title” to Planet Divinity so they could proceed to create my custom header and footer.  What surprised me most, is that within a few hours I received an email and attached was my header and footer.  Now, that’s great service!  Never thought they would be working on Sunday, but they proved me wrong.  Thanks Planet Divinity, and most importantly, on a personal note… thanks Steve….I love it.

The next step was to incorporate the header and footer into my blog but it seems there are some people who have not had the chance to get it done…they need an extra week, so John Thornhill skipped to lesson five for this week.

Lesson five is all about that most important element in creating an income online, and that is YOUR LIST.  Without a list, you have no prospects.  That’s where AWeber comes in.  You can automate everything from their site once you have signed up.  The first thing will be to create and place on my blog an opt-in form.  We’ve all seen these if we spend anytime surfing the net.  Those are the little boxes found somewhere on the web page that asks for your name and email address.  John Thornhill once again stresses that this is the single most important thing we will be doing to create success.  There is a wealth of information on the AWeber site that I plan on reading and putting to use once I understand the whole process.  Things are really heating up now…;)

I was thinking while reading through some of the material on the AWeber site how much emarketing is similiar to marketing offline.  I presently work in offline sales and the same principles apply.  Most times the employees are required to keep a “book.”  What’s in the book?  Their list of course!  If someone comes in and expresses interest in a product, the first thing we try and do is capture their name and phone number.  It’s all about the follow up and creating a relationship with your “list.”  In my present environment it is done on the phone and in person and on the internet it is done through repeated emails.  Not sales emails, but emails to establish a relationship of trust and confidence in YOU…before you try and sell them something.  A good way to do this is to teach them something…give it to them free.  You could offer free ebooks that educate them or simply educate them in the emails you send out.  Another option is to do a series of emails that educate them on a certain subject.  I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned just from the emails I receive from different marketers.  So, I know first hand that it works.

Seems Universal Principals are coming into play again.  I know my best customers…my repeat customers are the ones I have taken the time to develop a personal relationship with.  Those are the ones that will actually seek me out when they come to purchase.  Take the time to understand your prospects/customers needs and most importantly don’t try and sell them something they don’t need or are not interested in.  You’ll be wasting their time…and yours.  Most likely if you manage to sell something to someone who really wasn’t in the market for that item….it will be returned.  I learned it the hard way.

Remember the Golden Rule…..”Treat others as you would like to be treated.”  Imagine yourself in their position and act accordingly.  Put their needs first.  Concentrate on making them happy and successful and I promise you the Universe will reward your efforts in a grand way.

After all, we’re all ONE.  What you do to another will, whether you choose to believe it or not…effect you.

May peace rule your day….


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