Since web hosting is such an important part of any website, membership sites included, I’d like to spend a little time this morning espousing the merits of d9 hosting.  D9 hosting is owned and run by Dan Thompson and Paula Brett and opened it’s doors in the spring of 2007.  Dan and Paula were simply tired of the shabby hosting solutions that were available.  They wanted to create a solution that would solve some of these problems such as unacceptable downtime, and slow unacceptable support.

So, the two most important things to look for when searching for a hosting company is reliability and customer service.  Without these two elements firmly in place, your website is in danger of not being seen.

Building your site, driving traffic to it and supplying fresh, in demand content is enough to have on your plate when you open the doors to your new website.  You need a hosting company that will make sure you are provided with the uptime you need…afterall, your success depends on the customer being able to reach you.  Make sure your site can be seen at all times as well as loading efficiently and quickly.  You do not want the consumer leaving your site because it loads too slow.  So, make sure your host has high bandwidth and fast connection.

Additionally, customer service is a must if you want to have a pleasant, enjoyable experience.  Whether you are a newbie or seasoned blogger/webmaster, you will run into occasional problems.  The ability to get those problems fixed immediately will contribute to your overall positive experience.  Without good customer service, your frustrations could lead to a disasterous result.

Your host should be available for online chat, phone numbers should be easily assessable and email communication should be prompt and courteous.

In a way, your webhost becomes your partner.  The direct influence of their service performance will have an impact on your business.  Shop carefully.

Remember, a good webhost is your first step to success.  Without that first step, the second never happens.

For the best in webhosting services, check out d9 hosting.  They don’t take a backseat to anyone when it comes to reliability and customer service.  In fact, Dan and Paula are so approachable, they make you feel as though you know them personally…that they are more than just a webhost, they are your friend.  It becomes a real comfort zone with them…and, it sure makes for a good nights sleep knowing that your website is in such capable, caring hands.  D9 hosting offers the most important element of all…peace of mind.

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