wonderful-world-inspirational-free-e-cardHow many of you are sitting on unrealized dreams?  How many great ideas and dreams of success have you had that  never materialized?  There is a Universal Law that applies to success….the one single thing that will manifest our ideas and dreams, and without putting this law into effect, our ideas and dreams remain just that……ideas and dreams.

This simple but necessary rule is the Law of Action.  We must first understand that we live in the physical world and must play by the rules. In this physical world of ours everything is vibration.  Take everything back to it’s humble beginnings, strip it of it’s physical properties, and you have vibration.  How did it become a physical reality?  Someone took action and created it.  That chair you are sitting in was an idea in someone’s mind and would have remained an idea…but, someone took action and manifested it in the physical world.

Everything physical is energy,  energy is vibration and vibration is movement.

So, there’s our biggest clue to manifesting ~~~~movement~~~~  Exactly how does this apply in our own lives?  When we have an idea or dream in order to bring it into manifestation…in order to bring it into the physical realm we must ~~~create movement~~~ in the physical realm. How do we do that?  By taking ACTION. Ideas are wonderful and so are dreams.  But, they live in a different realm. They do not live in the physical realm and this is the key to our understanding of the Law of ACTION.

Fear is the greatest enemy to overcome in manifesting our ideas and dreams.  Fear is a component of the ego.  When we fear we are giving power to our ego and allowing our ego to be master of our environment.  Your ego does not want you to realize that you are the master of your environment for when you do, ego knows it’s life is short lived and it now must become your servant.  Fear is the single thing that keeps us from taking the action step necessary to manifest.  Overcome your fears and move forward.  You have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Strip your ego of the crown you have given it…this crown belongs to you.

Additionally, you must be persistent.  Tell the Universe how serious you are by your persistant actions. Your goals and dreams manifest by taking consistent and persistent action steps.  Keep pushing forward until one day you wake up and your dream is in physical form.

How does this apply to membership sites?  Don’t just dream about your membership site…take your ideas and run with them.  Manifest them by taking action…. put them in ~~~ motion.~~~

Whether your dream is a membership site or something totally different, the same rules apply.  Remember, you live in the physical world and in order to succeed at anything you  must play by the rules.

You have been given this gift….this power to create.  It is the single reason you were created.  To be a creator.

The Universe gave you your imagination and your physical body.  Join the two powers together, and you have created a force…the force of creation.

Honor the Universe for these grand gifts….become the creator you were created to be in this grand physical plane!

Most importantly, give thanks…for such amazing powers.



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