Get out of your mind – the past and future where you think about creation – and get into the “the magic of the moment where creation happens.”

We are the creators and as such we create using our greatest gift…the imagination screen. Our creations can live there forever and we can visit them whenever we want, in our imagination, but if we want to experience this creation in the physical realm we must move energy there with e-motion and action.

We are both the “image-in power and the action takers.” 

We are both creator and creation. We create it in our imagination and bring it into the physical realm of matter with action.


Creation begins:

Use the Power of your Imagination to Create…

Imagine your vision on your sparkling clean inner vision screen.

You must incorporate your physical senses if you want to bring your creation into the physical world. Employ them at the moment of creation. In other words…live your creation (breathe life into it) by feeling it, tasting it, touching it, hearing it, and taking in the aroma of it.

Whatever senses are needed to ENJOY what you are creating in the dimension you want to experience it must be employed at the time of creation.

In other words, if you want to enjoy your creation in the physical realm then you must infuse it with physical properties at the time of creation or it can’t live in the physical realm. It’s just a matter of mechanics.

Give it a good 15 minutes of your time to LIVE IT IN THE MOMENT, fully moving energy by employing your senses – your e-motion, your ~energy-in-motion~ in your creation.

Move into Gratitude – GIVE THANKS



And this is where most people mess up. Their lack of “faith” will simply not allow them to “leave it alone.” They feel they must constantly go back to that vision screen and push more energy into it. They simply don’t believe in their own “powers of creation.” But in reality, that only keeps the vision locked onto their “imagination screen” preventing it from becoming form.


You Must Get Out of the Way of Your Own Creation

YOU HAVE NOW COMPLETED THE PROCESS OF CREATION IN YOUR IMAGINATION and you can revisit this creation in your imagination anytime you want, but if you want to bring it into the realm of time/physicality/3D then you as creator must take the appropriate action steps to move energy in that dimension and complete the process. Each dimension has its own laws.

If you continue to “ask,” if you remain stuck in “asking mode” by constantly going there in thought then you never move your e-motion – your energy in motion, into “receiving” mode.

In fact, when you keep your e-motion, your energy in “ask” mode you actually block the energy of receivership and keep your vision locked in your “imagination” screen.

You must “energetically” be in receiving mode before your gift can be delivered. And you can’t be in receivership mode unless your consciousness is focused in the present moment where physical form is created because it will be delivered in form. If your consciousness is constantly off in your past or future, in “la-la” land in your imagination you will never connect with it in form.

You must BE what you want to SEE and SEE what you want to BE.

Leave the Details to the Universe

Leave the details to how your creation will come about to the Universe that “sees” the big picture. If you start dictating how your vision should come about by using your mind you move into the “limited possibilities” of your mind and the restrictions and the illusion of time.

Stay out of your mind and live the moment and allow the greater power to choose from “all possibility.”

Wherever you are energetically there too is your creation. Keep asking and your creation stays where you can continually “ask” for it because that is what you are magnetically putting out there. The Universe is very accommodating to our e-motion, our energy patterns; our energy-in-motion – because the Universe is us.

Move into receiving mode, leave it alone, believe that it is done and you open the door to its creation because once again the Universe is “reading” your vibration, your frequency, your e-motion/energy-in-motion and accommodating you and your creation (your vibration).

When you are consciously aligned and synced with the “moment” you are in “the flow” and you move into synchronicity, magic and creation.


You must learn the vibration game.

Your only job is to stay in the “flow” and take the appropriate action steps that appear in the moment, in physicality to bring it into physicality – you cannot bring it into physicality if your focus, your light your energy in motion is in your imagination. 

If you want to bring it into form then your focus must be in form/3D in order to receive it. If your focus remains in your imagination then you will continue to create and receive it in your imagination.

When your focus moves from the creative point of imagination to the creative point of form that’s when you move into receivership.

Creation is complete. The Divine marriage of opposites, imagination and form have joined hands in divine creation. Vision and action have completed their mission.

If your mind is in the past or future, continually “asking” you will miss the real “creative moments” that appear NOW because your mind is busy elsewhere and you are not in receivership mode and won’t be consciously aware of them (your focus will be elsewhere) and they will pass you by.



You are LOVED!



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