Kiirtan, or Kirtana, is the act of “singing a mantra out-loud in an act of devotion to the Divine. It dissolves the mind, opens the heart and awakens the soul for lovers of God.

Rhythmic repetitions when said with intent are empowering and take us deep into ourselves. The sounds of Kiirtan chants and mantras awaken within us our spiritual qualities. We are able to tap into areas of our brains that deal with raw emotion and go even deeper. As we sing these high vibrating phrases, our hearts open, we expand our consciousness, heal our distortions and produce positive frequencies. 

Kiirtan is an act of celebration as we embrace the Divine within and around us – listening and dancing. It can be practiced anywhere at anytime and goes a long way towards preparing us for deep meditation because it engages both the sensory and motor organs. Many people who struggle a bit with traditional “sitting” meditation use Kiirtan exclusively and find it easier and more effective.

The reason mantras/sacred dances/kiirtan chanting works is because they help us to by-pass the “thinking mind” and take us into a place where thoughts cannot touch us. When wrapped up in a mantra, we access the place where the mind meets the soul. The inner meets the outer in Divine Devotion. They have become ONE in purpose and one in LOVE.

Kiirtan is devotion at its purest as we vibrate to the inner core of our being and the easiest way to connect to Divine Love.

Worry, anxiety and stress disappear as we are held in the arms of the Divine.

“Baba Nam Kevelam” is an ancient beloved mantra/kiirtan.

Baba means “my most beloved One,” Nam translates to “name of” and Kevalam means “only.” Altogther the phrase means: “My most Beloved is the only ONE.” I see the Divine in all that I perceive – in everything I taste, touch, hear, and smell. It is the Supreme Consciousness that pervades all things.

Here’s another rendition of this beautiful kiirtan mantra…

Rumi, the beloved thirteenth century Sufi poet and teacher knew of the mysteries of the heart and his stories reveal the soul’s love affair with God, the longing of the soul to return to its Divine nature. 

Love is the magic…it is the potion that “burns away the impurities which cover our hearts and souls.” We understand that we are not separate nor have we ever been a separate ego…we are part of the “whirling, cosmic dance” that offers Glory to God and penetrates every cell of our being.

It is at this moment that one is reborn in Love – the essence present in oneself and all things.

May LOVE be your guide, your Light and your Life…


The Beloved has permeated every cell of my body
Of myself there remains only a name, everything else is HIM.

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