Meditation – the Power of Living within Chaos…

a peace within

The real purpose of meditation.

As a longtime seeker of Truth, I know firsthand the value of meditation and where it can take you.

Meditation takes practice, practice and more practice. Like everyone else, when I first began meditating, my mind was all over the place…it seemed like a wild horse that refused to “fall in line” that refused to “be tamed.”

But, I also refused to give up. If other people experienced “peace” of mind…that state of total bliss then I knew that I could also and that’s all I needed to keep me going.

There are many different ways to meditate and many different “sound” solutions that will help you get there. You must decide for yourself what works for you.

After trial and error and trying different modes of music, sound and binaural beats I hit on the one thing that took my meditations from average to deeply spectacular. Using this particular form of meditation allowed me to quiet my mind and fall into a deep state of peace such as I’ve never felt before.

manifesting meditation

This meditation was the “Manifesting AH – OM Meditation” by our beloved Dr. Wayne Dyer.

For the first time, using this meditation…I actually felt myself “blend” into everything around me. I actually felt my Oneness with all of life and for the first time, I was able to carry that “peace” into my daily life.

And, isn’t that what meditation is really for?

Meditation is not about removing yourself from the world and sitting silently for a short while to enjoy freedom from the tyranny of your thoughts for that brief time. Yes…that is meditation but there is way more than that to it.

Treating meditation as an action that only occurs while isolated in a room is like leaving your muscles at the gym after exercising.

You exercise and keep your body in great shape so that you can take this healthy body into the world and live life to the fullest.

The same principle applies to meditation. Don’t leave your meditation “muscles” behind after you’ve finished. What good are they there? To protect you for a few moments when you return?

With practice, meditation will expel from the mind annoying thoughts and replace them with the peace of silence. That’s all well and good, but who does it serve?

Here’s the real issue and why meditation must be thought of as a “life solution”…just as your working out at the gym is a “life solution.”

If you cannot call forth that “peaceful” feeling whenever you need it… when life tries to “bring you down” what good is it?

True meditation is about “living that peaceful” mind when everything around you seems chaotic. True meditation is the ability to call forth the peace you enjoyed when you did sit in meditation just as working out your muscles at the gym gives you the ability to run marathons, pick up your children and grandchildren, and dance to your hearts content when not at the gym.

What you do at the gym is not supposed to stay at the gym…It is preparation for healthy, strong, vital living.

What you do when meditating…is not supposed to stay isolated to your meditating time…It is preparation to live your life with JOY…in every moment as you call forth “peace” when all else screams chaos.

This is true Mind Control…and what meditation is really about and for.

Don’t think of meditation as something you do for a short time and then go back to your world of “issues.” Meditation is working your mind muscles so that they work for you when you are “living in the world.”…

Meditation is the muscle that deals with your issues…while living…not when isolated.

Anyone can find peace when isolated…but only the strongest minds find peace amid chaos.

Hang on as this “magic carpet ride” gets deeper and deeper
inside of you…inside of space…

You are LOVED!


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Don’t you see…you have it backward?

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Calling All 5th Dimensional Thinkers

Every once in a while I read something so powerful that there is no need to rewrite what has been written but better to SHARE the gem I’ve discovered. The article below is for those aspiring to 5th dimensional thinking…leaving the lower denser world of 3D thinking behind as they rise to meet the stars.

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