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Listen and Allow Your Spirit to Soar!


Give yourself this moment…allow your spirit to soar…2butterflies2

All the tools needed to raise your frequency are freely available around you but you must open your senses to them. 



This instrument is hauntingly beautiful…and the perfect tool to use for ascending and aligning your frequency with your authentic frequency – that of Love.

It is the marriage of body and soul ~ of humanity and divinity ~ of nature and essence.

The connection between the dance, the feelings and the Love of Mother Earth/Nature is intoxicating! It is empowered to lift spirits!

To those “with eyes that see and ears that hear.”

EnJoy!   You are Love and you are Loved!



Get Out of the Way of Your Own Creation…


Get out of your mind – the past and future where you think about creation – and get into the “the magic of the moment where creation happens.”

We are the creators and as such we create using our greatest gift…the imagination screen. Our creations can live there forever and we can visit them whenever we want, in our imagination, but if we want to experience this creation in the physical realm we must move energy there with e-motion and action.

We are both the “image-in power and the action takers.” 

We are both creator and creation. We create it in our imagination and bring it into the physical realm of matter with action. Read the rest of this entry


Kiirtan, or Kirtana, is the act of “singing a mantra out-loud in an act of devotion to the Divine. It dissolves the mind, opens the heart and awakens the soul for lovers of God.

Rhythmic repetitions when said with intent are empowering and take us deep into ourselves. The sounds of Kiirtan chants and mantras awaken within us our spiritual qualities. We are able to tap into areas of our brains that deal with raw emotion and go even deeper. As we sing these high vibrating phrases, our hearts open, we expand our consciousness, heal our distortions and produce positive frequencies.  Read the rest of this entry

a peace within

The real purpose of meditation.

As a longtime seeker of Truth, I know firsthand the value of meditation and where it can take you.

Meditation takes practice, practice and more practice. Like everyone else, when I first began meditating, my mind was all over the place…it seemed like a wild horse that refused to “fall in line” that refused to “be tamed.” Read the rest of this entry

Healing “The Great Divide”…Becoming ONE Again

yinyangAre you tired of struggling against life? Are you finished with limitation and distortion and ready to move beyond it but can’t seem to find that one piece of the puzzle to get you there?

What do you see when you look in the mirror? What are your perceptions telling you? Do you see someone who is perfect in the moment or someone who needs lots of work?

How you answer that question is key to moving beyond limitation, it is the key to the puzzle that you have been searching for. Read the rest of this entry

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