Valentine’s Day

“Happy Valentine’s Day”

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a major expense.  Afterall, Valentine’s Day is about Love.  The affection that two people feel for one another.  Like all our other holidays commercialism has taken over and we feel pressured to give expensive gifts.  Instead, how about giving your time and attention?  Do something special for your loved one.  A romantic dinner at home, made by you (throw in the candles and turn off the lights) is the perfect setting.  Don’t forget the mood music.  You can buy flowers, a nice card (they come in all price ranges now a days) or maybe some decadent dessert to indulge in.  Better yet, write a love poem to your partner.  It might be easier than you think.  There are so many sources on the internet to help you compose it.  I know that would melt my heart more than any commercial product could ever do.

After dinner, the two of you can snuggle on the couch (or maybe in bed) and watch a classic Romantic movie together.  Now truthfully, when was the last time you did that?  It just might ignite some heat.  Here’s a Valentine’s Day movie guide with something for everyone.

If you don’t have a significant other to share this special day with share something with your children, parents, special friends and last but not least, lets not forget about our precious pets. After all, isn’t it the pets that continually teach us about unconditional love.  Take them on a special walk today…give them some special treats.

If you have the time, visit a home for the elderly and give your LOVE freely.  Sit and read a story to someone…hold their hand and make them feel special…make them feel loved.  There are so many lonesome senior citizens with no one left in their lives.  I promise the return of Love you feel will be powerful.

It is our day to celebrate LOVE…in all it’s manifestations.

Whatever you do today, make LOVE the driving force behind everything you do and I promise you will feel LOVE in return.

Loving yourself first is the key to loving others.  Be kind and forgiving of yourself today.

Love…from my heart to yours,


What you give….you get

We live in a very ordered Universe.  Not a chaotic, scrambled one, but one based on laws and principles.  I read something this morning that struck a cord with me.  Right away I thought of it’s application with respect to internet marketing.  Here’s the quote that gave me moment to pause:

“Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others.  Unsuccessful people are always asking, “What’s in it for me?”  Brian Tracy

Now, I know there are a few unscrupulous marketers out there just trying to get your money…and, they will succeed for a short time.  But, it will eventually catch up with them.  It has to.  You see it is Universal Law….Spiritual Principle, that whatever we send out (whether it be thought or action) will eventually find it’s way back to us…and, if we sent out some undesirable actions, then what we receive back will reflect that….and, it might not be pretty.

As you approach all your campaigns, lead with the heart.  Approach with the intent of helping others succeed and that’s exactly what you earn back….SUCCESS. “What goes around comes around” folks.  It’s law.

John Thornhill is one prime example of someone who desires to see people succeed, sets out to help them succeed and by living spiritual principles is a great success himself.

It is the way I plan on conducting my campaigns and my business.

EnJOY your day…..


The ebook challenge…

Ebooks is another subject that captured my attention early on.  People were writing ebooks online, marketing them online, and selling them online…for nice profits.  I wanted to know more.  Now I find I am faced with the challenge of writing my own ebook.  Or should I say, writing my own successfull ebook!  There’s lots of ebooks on the  market, but not all of them are a success.  I plan on being a success. (Which is exactly why I am here.)

Something I’ve read a few times in my sojourn through internet marketing and that is, the best way to learn it is to follow in the footsteps of someone who is already a success at it.  Sounds like a winning formula to me.  And, so I am!  I know with the help I am receiving through this course and my own determination, the ebook that has been whispering in my ear for a few years will fnally become a reality.   What a sweet day that will be!

See ya tomorrow…..


Blogging…day two

I continue to absorb as much as I can from every blog and marketing site I navigate to.  Not quite sure where the passion for Internet Marketing comes from but from the time I started studying the subject I was hooked.  Spoke briefly with Edson Buchanan this morning….he’s a wealth of marketing tips.  Had him critique my first post and it was very interesting listening to him explain how search engines such as Google would view it.  Wish I could sit him down in front of me…I’d have a grand time picking his brain!

Read one more time just a little while ago how important it is to build a “list.”  That and fresh, unique, informative content to woo Google and other serach engines with seem to be at the top of everyone’s most important list.  Obviously your list is your treasure trove of prospects.  The more prospects you have the better the chances of landing a sale.  List building and understanding how Google (and other search engines) work are both subjects I am looking forward to learning more about and and putting to the test as I continue on with John Thornhill’s MasterClass on Internet Marketing.

So far, I love it.  Today I added another link or two to my blog as well as poking around in Clickbank checking out what my options are for promoting.  I  decided that the first penny I make online, I’ll print out the page with the statement and frame it!  It will be the beginning of great things.

Till tomorrow….


The first day of my new life….

And, what a day it was!  My name in lights…;), it’s been a dream for awhile now.  My very own blog up and running and if you’re reading this post then you’re part of this dream!

Not quite sure where I am going with this, so for the time being I’ll probably be all over the place.  I do have some ideas, just nothing concrete.  So, until then I’ll share with you some of my daily musings, journeys, discoveries and laughter.    I’ll also share links if I find something relevant, or possibly just to make you laugh…;)

No doubt you’ll hear about my children Chris, Shannon, and Stephanie along the way as well as bumping into Ron (my son-in-law), and  grandchildren Michael and Joseph.  The family just gets bigger from there, I have four brothers and three sisters and we’ve been blessed that our parents are still very much alive and healthy.  Their lives are all intertwined with mine and it’s hard to tell stories without them.

I have a passion for Internet Marketing, no formal training and everything I know about this topic has been self taught from the internet (driven by curiosity) via various  digital channels.  I stumbled across the word Affiliate a few years back, it piqued my curiosity and  I’ve been in search mode since then.  That is until recently when I decided to take ACTION,  teamed up with John Thornhill and signed up for his MasterClass on Internet Marketing.

Its a beginning….for me.  Today is the first day of my new life.

Thanks for sharing it with me.


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