For those of you who have been here before, you can see that my blog is getting a face-lift.  My son who just finished digital design class is working on a new header and footer and maybe even a new theme altogether.

Nothing is permanent yet…so please be patient and check back often this week as we work the final details out.  I may go back to the original theme, just change the colors and add a new header and footer….it’s all up in the air yet!  I really like this new theme….the page flows nicely, and it’s not near as boxy feeling.  Unfortunately, it’s not the ideal theme for Search Engine Optimization.  I need a third column and with this theme you can only add that third column on the left hand side…I want two columns together on the right side.    😉

It’s kind of invigorating to get a new look though.  When we first ordered our header and footer, I really had no idea where I was going with it.  Since then,  I have a much better idea of how I want to present myself.  And, because of my recent job elimination, I’ll have much more time to devote to developing the content.

While we are working on it, my sign-up box will be unavailable.  It won’t be long before it will be back up and running though, so if you’ve landed here and desire to sign up, please check back in a couple of days.

Once again…thanks for your patience as we see ourselves through this process, work out the details and create a new look.  I hope you like the new design elements.



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