For those of you who have stopped by recently, you are obviously aware of the changes with my blog design.  My son continues to work at it…trying to please his ever fickle mom!

I really like the header on this one.  Classy and simple.  I thought I would like the blog theme…but, I am feeling squeezed in with the columns on both sides.  My son has a theme like this one…but, his spreads across the whole page…which in my opinion works with a column on both sides.  If you want to take a look…  As you can see, it really works here…but not so much in a narrower application in my humble opinion.  So, I need to spread myself out or go back to the original theme.

So, it’s back to the drawing board!  I may keep the header and put it on the original theme…or go with something new altogether.  At least as long as my son’s patience keeps up….and, I’ll give him credit where credit is due….he has been patient!

There are some applications I really like about this theme.  First off, you are so much more in control.  The opt-in box on the right is a widget, so all I have to do is go into my widgets and pull it up and I can write whatever I want in that box.  You don’t have to go near code…and, for me that’s a good thing.  I don’t like messing with code.  It makes me nervous!  Maybe someday when I’ve been at this for years!  I love the little buttons that light up as you pass over them….and there are other things I like too…just not sure about the lay-out.

I’ll stick with it for a few days…afterall, I live with the designer!

If you have some comments…I’d love to hear them.  Maybe that would help me to make up my mind!



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