Recently I downloaded a report from Edge articles titled “Breaking Frames and Increasing Conversions.” This report was written by Dan Raine and I want to give full credit to Edge articles and Dan Raine for this information.

I thought the information in this report important enough to pass on. There are two things that this report covers….breaking frames and optimizing images.

Let’s look at optimizing images first:

Dan spoke of his wife and her seasonal marketing…which until now was done with only a squidoo lens. But Dan noticed that traffic was down over 50% “for the same period last year.” It was time to take action. She added a couple of pages to an existing blog on the same overall theme but not the same market. There was nothing spectacular about this blog….not an authority site with special powers and it had only been up for six months.

But…she did something that few ever take the time to do…she optimized the images and “the results were pretty amazing.” Within four days she was number two in Google images and the day after that…number one. (although this was a market with tough competition in the US but very few people optimized their images.

The result was it brought in nearly 5,000 unique visitors a day. That’s 5,000 searches a day!

“But there was a problem”….they didn’t convert well…producing one sale for every 2,900 visitors to the site. Dan felt it could be way better, even though he took into consideration that people browsing images are mostly looking for ideas and inspiration…not necessarily to buy.

He decided to do some testing….and here are the results:

When people come in from Google images, they see a framed page like this:


Notice the gray frame separating the two pieces? The image is on top with the page it is on framed below. This may be all well and good from a search stand point, but as marketers we need to get the “eyes” where they are needed. Next step was to test what would happen if the visitors didn’t get the framed page but a complete page instead….

The results were amazing.…sales increased by 93%! That nearly doubled the income per day just by adding a few simple lines to code. ūüėČ

There is probably more than one reason for this, but offering a personal opinion, Dan thinks that that one simple change forced people out of a browsing mindset¬† and focused them on the content that was placed in front of them. Isn’t that what you want to do if you want sales?

Here’s the steps you need to take if you want to implement this on your site:

Add the following lines of code to the top of your web page. With a normal HTML page, stick this code in between the <head></head> tags. If you have a WordPress blog, you  will need to edit the header.php file and insert them there.

<script type=”text/javascript”>
if (top.location!= self.location) {
top.location = self.location.href

That’s it. Seven simple lines of code to break out of Google images (and any other frame) and nearly double your conversions. Although the results will be different for every site…and possibly may not work on some, nearly every site will get a boost with this simple method.

I guess this is one of those things that you will never know the results until you give it a try. I am all about anything that can help conversion rates, so I have recently implemented it on my own site. As simple as it is to do, it is definitely  worth a try.

Remember…always optimize your images so that you are ranked in Google images and Bing. Personally, I don’t care where the traffic comes from…Google or Google images, I want it all!

Thanks to The Edge Training and Dan Raine for this information.

You can find this article as well as other great articles in “The Immediate Edge.” (no, that is not an affiliate link ;)…just a convenient link for you.) This is a membership site that is $97¬† a month…BUT they are offering a full 7 day trial for $1. The best thing about the trial is you pay through Paypal…which puts YOU in control of your cancellation before the 7 days are up….if you choose to do so. (I really hate credit card trials because they can continue to bill you even if you have canceled…and, that turns into a headache!) With Paypal, you just go to the Paypal site and cancel on your own…no way for them to rebill you…even if it is an accident!)

And just so you are aware, I wrote to Dan and got permission to post this article. Thanks Dan!

Today I did pay my $1 and joined “Immediate Edge” for the 7 days. If this article is an example of some of the techniques and education they offer, it is worth looking into.

By the way, a lot of you will recognize Dan’s name from The Thirty Day Challenge.
(not an affiliate link)

Good luck with this….I truly hope it works for you!



A little bonus info for you….think you know all the ways to drive traffic to your site?¬† Check this list out!

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