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AudioGenerator…Add voice with ease

Recently I ran into a program I’d like to introduce you to called  AudioGenerator.  Basically it is an audio recording and hosting service that can double your pulling-power of direct response websites.   Your audio messages are automatically converted into a single line of code that gets uploaded to any website.  With it you can upload files on your website, blog or emails.

The program creators are Armand Morin,  Alex Mandossian, and Rick Raddatz.

The beauty of the program is it’s simplicity.  AudioGenerator “puts the power of the human voice on your website without slow downloads, custom plug-ins, or annoying pop-ups.  All you do is add one PLAY BUTTON for each audio message and you’re done.”

Think of the possibilities.  For a small monthly fee you can add unlimited amount of voice messages to whatever application you are using it for.  You can place these messages on as many websites or webpages as you want.  There is an unlimited amount of emails that you can send with your audio messages.

Just think how powerful it will be when someone from your list opens your email to find that they have the option of reading or listening.  There will be times when they don’t feel like reading through an extended email but if it included an option to listen, they just might hang around and that could convert to a sale for you.

Using voice, like using video is a powerful way to touch your readers.  They will trust you more (it’s just human nature) if they can hear your voice and see you.  Instantly they are captivated.

Use it to persuade and motivate your prospects.  It is the wave…not of the future…but NOW.  It’s all about vibration.  And, voice is a powerful one.  You can even use it to welcome people as they land on your website or blog.  How inviting would that be!

One of the best features about AudioGenerator is the Audio Testimonial.  Your customers and collegues simply call into the toll-free testimonial hotline and for just pennies you’ll have captivating voice testimonials uploaded to your website within seconds.

If you didn’t use this product for any other reason than to just capture those testimonials it would be worth the price.  Remember, it’s all about converting those possible prospects into sales and it’s been proven that testimonials using audio are hypnotic.

The program offers a free trial….21 days to be exact.  If after the 21 days you decide this product is not for you, you just cancel out.  If you stay with the program and decide to cancel out later, you just send them an email stating you want to cancel…it’s as easy as that.

Not all products are right for everyone.  We must each test and decide for ourselves what works best for us.  This is one of those products.  Head on over to AudioGenerator and check it out for yourself.  Only you can decide what works best for you…but you might miss out on an opportunity that could contribute handsomely to your success if you don’t at least take that first step and check it out.

This one is worth your time.

Sunshine and Happiness your way,


Twitter Tutorial

While doing my homework on Twitter today I ran into this tutorial.  I want to stress again how important it is that you jump on the Twitter bandwagon now.  Just as Facebook and Youtube have exploded with followers,  Twitter is soon to follow suit and in fact, is already on its way.  This is the groundfloor Marketing opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

This is an excellant tutorial.  I couldn’t have done it better myself.  The second video is almost an hour long, so grab a snack and your favorite drink before settling in.  You won’t be disappointed.  You will be set up on Twitter and ready to “tweet” and gain followers by the time  you finish the videos.   😉

If you don’t have time to watch the first two tutorials, then at least watch the third one.  That should be all the inspiration you need to convince you to spend the time watching the first two!

I guarantee  if you watch these videos, you’ll come away comfortable with your new Twitter account.

Position yourself now to take advantage of the tens of millions of new Twitter tweeters destined to come aboard in the next few years.  And, they will come…just look at Facebook and Youtube.

I want to position myself as a teacher and someone who adds value to peoples lives.  What better value could there be than to give someone the tools to be financially independant?

Financial Freedom will flow to me as I unselfishly give it to others.

Here’s that link:

Happy “tweeting”…


Twitter is HOT

Has anyone  noticed that it’s all about Twitter these days?  When it comes to conversation about social networking, Twitter is the attention getter, the rising star.  And, it’s rising fast.  Even President Obama has a Twitter account and a very large following.

So, what’s all the fuss about?  Twitter is a relatively new social networking site that allows it’s users to follow their family, friends and co-workers with short “tweets.”  The “tweets” are limited to 140 characters to keep it quick and frequent.  If you go over 140 characters, the send button is disabled and you’ll have to start over.

All that’s needed to use Twitter is an Internet Connection and or a mobile phone and the ability to text.

After you register, sign in to your homepage  Your homepage gives you all the options you need to navigate the site.  If you click on the settings tab, you can even customize your homepage with a background of your choice from your own library or you can use one of their provided backgrounds.

Some of the features of Twitter include:

  1. the ability to block anyone you do not want following you.
  2. a favorites tab on your homepage to collect your favorite “tweets.”
  3. a tab to keep everything private and not allow public viewing of your “tweets.”
  4. direct link tab to connect with someone you are following privately.  Only you and the recipient can view this tweet.  You can only send private messages to a person who is following you.
  5. a replies tab…used to reply to a previous tweet.  When you use this feature, @username will appear before your tweet. 
  6. a badge to place on your social networking site or blog to show your updates.
  7. the ability to seach for friends by name or username, import friends from other networks, or invite them with a friendly email. 

There are more features, but these are the prominent ones…the ones you will use the most. 

Twitter has plenty of helpful info on their site to get you going, but if you want more ideas or maybe you have an idea you want to share I found this site to be excellent to fill in the gaps.

So the burning question is…”why use Twitter?”  Because of it’s ease of use…(you only need a username and password…no credit card 🙂 ) networking has never been easier.  You can drive customers to your website by announcing new products etc. and tweeting your link or place a link to your blog and gain new readers as well as just making new friends.  There are endless possible applications for it’s use.

Attention all Internet Marketers….Dave Nicholson said Twitter is the preferred site for Internet Marketers.  Wow, a place to hang out with the Internet’s best Marketers?   Need I say more?!  

Come and follow me on Twitter and let’s share ideas, thoughts and blogs.  Sign up and follow me here.  

I’m still learning the ropes, so let’s learn  together!    

Happy Tweeting!


Multiple streams of income…

I recently read that Mother Earth’s energy has increased and because of that we will feel particularly tired as we re-align with this new energy.  No wonder I have felt drained lately!  Seriously, there were a couple of days at work this past week when my tiredness was really getting in the way.  Normally I am a very  high energy person.  Can’t wait till I am totally adjusted to this new energy.

Don’t forget to move your clocks forward tonight before you go to bed if you are in a time zone that honors daylight savings.  I love the extra hour of light in the evening, but once again it’s a killer adjusting my body clock to the new time.  Normally I get up around 5:30 in the morning, but this week it’s really going to be 4:30!  I get tired thinking about that!

I want to talk briefly this morning about how important it is to have many different streams of income set up if you plan on making a fulltime living from the internet.  In fact that’s a Principle that applies whether you are making your income on or off the net.

It’s very dangerous to have only one stream of income these days.  It’s sort of like playing Russian Roulette with your finances.  Most families have at least two incomes…..just to meet bills.  The Internet gives us the opportunity to set up multiple streams of income right from our home computer.  It doesn’t get any better than that…does it?

For example….let’s say you are a successful Ebay seller, but that’s your only stream.  Ebay decides to change some rules and suddenly overnight you have no income stream.  Your one income stream has dried up.  If this had been one of many income streams for you, you may have felt the bump, but because you prepared for this possibility and set up multiple streams of income you have time to adjust.

Rober G. Allen says there are basically two types of income.  One is linear and the other is residual.

A linear income is one where you only get paid once for your hours worth of work.

With Residual income you continue to get paid for months or years into the future…and sometimes for a lifetime!

Wealthy people know this secret and always have a percentage of their income as residual.  Residual income will give you FREEDOM.  And, for me, that’s the magic word….FREEDOM.

The power of residual income is that it keeps flowing and flowing.  Residual income follows you…no matter where you are.  That’s precisely why I am taking this course.  To learn the different avenues of residual income that the Internet offers.

Make no mistake….this is the new gold rush.  There are millions of new Net-preneurs coming aboard everyday.  Position yourself now to give them the tools they need to be a success.

My next post will cover some of the different kinds of residual streams that you can use to profit from the Internet.

Remember, it’s all about gaining freedom and peace of mind….

Celebrating your success,


The all important Home Page

Yesterday Edson Buchanan…. told me about something important that I need to add to my blog.  That item is a Home Page option.

So, what is a Home Page?   Simple really.  Like the name implies, this page contains all the options that your reader needs in order to navigate around your site.  It contains everything you want your reader to have access to.  And, it’s very important that people are able to navigate back to this page when searching around on your blog.

 A “Home Page” option needs to be placed on your sidebar…in Edson’s case he has placed it under the title “Main Menu.”   If someone is reading on your blog and navigates to another page within your blog you want to make it very easy for them to navigate back to your home page.  It’s that simple.  But. this little tool could make a difference between someone leaving your blog accidentally (or on purpose) or staying on it.

It’s all about the tools.  Use them wisely.  Keep it simple and make it easy for your readers.

Once again, this will seem pretty elementary to the seasoned pros, but to the newbies it is very important information which will help them to be successful.  That’s what this blog is all about. 

Make it easy for anyone who lands on your blog to navigate around your blog without loosing them…and a Home Page option is a must.

It will be added to my blog soon…;)

To your success…and mine,


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