Yesterday Edson Buchanan…. told me about something important that I need to add to my blog.  That item is a Home Page option.

So, what is a Home Page?   Simple really.  Like the name implies, this page contains all the options that your reader needs in order to navigate around your site.  It contains everything you want your reader to have access to.  And, it’s very important that people are able to navigate back to this page when searching around on your blog.

 A “Home Page” option needs to be placed on your sidebar…in Edson’s case he has placed it under the title “Main Menu.”   If someone is reading on your blog and navigates to another page within your blog you want to make it very easy for them to navigate back to your home page.  It’s that simple.  But. this little tool could make a difference between someone leaving your blog accidentally (or on purpose) or staying on it.

It’s all about the tools.  Use them wisely.  Keep it simple and make it easy for your readers.

Once again, this will seem pretty elementary to the seasoned pros, but to the newbies it is very important information which will help them to be successful.  That’s what this blog is all about. 

Make it easy for anyone who lands on your blog to navigate around your blog without loosing them…and a Home Page option is a must.

It will be added to my blog soon…;)

To your success…and mine,


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