At the end of the last post I promised to update my journey into Tyrone’s Mass Outsource Mastermind course. And, I do promise that I will give a detailed progress report in just a few days. But, I recently ran into a website that I’ve been totally smitten with and there is a contest running there with a time frame that needs to be addressed.

This unique, educating and entertaining site is “Tropical MBA”…and it is the brainchild of Dan Andrew. Dan is a lifestyle designer and location independent entrepreneur…basically what that means is Dan is free to choose his own lifestyle and to pursue his passions independent of any location. He has freedom and mobility to live life as he sees fit.

Dan left the comforts of home in beautiful San Diego over just over 2 years ago, literally leaving everything behind…grabbed his backpack and headed to Asia . He does digital marketing services for his own company now…based in the Philippines and travels whenever he wants because he operates his whole business on the computer.

What would make a successful businessman leave everything behind for an uncertain future?

  • Freedom, the kind that you own when you are in complete control of your time, when you own your time and no one else does.
  • Adventure…the kind that gets your juices flowing, the kind that excites you…and gets your creativity flowing.

The digital world has certainly changed the way we do business. This is the  most exciting time ever to be alive. With the opportunities that the Internet provides, you can live anywhere you want…work when you want and experience true lifestyle design.

Which brings me back to Dan.

Dan’s business has been a huge success in the Philippines and he now shares that success through a 3-6 month internship, where he teaches someone to “grow a business from a laptop from anywhere in the world,” absolutely free.  How about that for “giving back?”  Semester I is complete…

Dan has now teamed up with his good friend Sean to bring you Semester II of “Live on a Tropical Island for Free.” Yep, that’s right…check what Dan himself says:

“We’ll be offering one traveler, online entrepreneur, writer, artist, or somebody who is looking for an adventure, FREE lodging on a tropical island, FREE home-cooked meals, and FREE internet access for 3 months.

That person will also have FREE access to a luxury condo in Manila for 1 week out of every month (things can be quiet on a tropical island!). If things work out and you don’t go crazy in the tropics, we’ll be open to extending the deal to 6 months.”

All I can say is this: if you are in a position to travel without any restrictions of time for the next six months…if you appreciate Freedom and want to learn from two very successful Lifestyle entrepreneurs then grab an application and apply. The deadline is June 1st, 2010.

Obviously this opportunity is only suited to certain people. If you are one of those lucky individuals and you want a shot at this crazy cool opportunity that could possibly hold more adventure for you than anything you’ve done so far in life,…then get that app in. You just never know 😉

I think I was born in the wrong generation. I resonate so strongly with everything these guys stand for…hence the name of this blog “Dedicated to Freedom.” I will be there in heart…

Can’t wait to see who wins 😉

Dan is also a firm believer in the Philippines as a great spot to outsource your online workload. He has a blog “Outsource to the Philippines” with some great info on the topic….

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