scaleThis morning I want to talk a little about how to create  ‘soul’ within your membership site.

But first we must understand one very basic principle in life…that principle is balance.  Everything in life needs balance.  The old adage “you can’t have one without the other” sums it up quite well.  You can’t have black without white, up without down, in without out….one simply doesn’t exist without the other.  They are the two apposing forces that create life.  Without cold, hot simply has no meaning….nothing to gauge it against.

To achieve success in life…no matter what endeavor we are trying to achieve,…we must apply this principle of balance.  We must copy the success of nature.You yourself are a being of balance.  Even your brain has two physical sides to it.  One for the intellect and one for the creative/emotionalbrain side.  Intellect without emotion is simply flat…flat words, flat pictures etc…no depth.  Emotions without intellect is equally as dangerous as emotions can steal away our peace if we don’t have intellect to balance it off.

By creating great, unique, appealing content within your site, you address the mind of your subscriber…you address their intellect…which is a must if you want to retain your members.  But, although great content may be what initially drew them in, there is another equally important element to creating a successful membership site.  That element is heart.  Without this element, your site will soon become ‘cold’ to your members and they will leave.

You as a human are a three fold being.  You are a balance of mind and heart…and, these together create your soul.  The zensoul is simply the totality of all that you are.  Your intellect and emotions.  Remember, you can’t have one without the other.

Apply this principle to all your endeavors in life…including your membership site.  By educating your subscribers with your unique content, you are addressing their mind, by allowing your passion to show through, you have captured their heart.

These two elements have created balance within your site…the only path to success.

This is how you need to approach your membership site.  Why?  Because you are dealing with human nature, not robots.  A robot would only require the intellectual side of your site, but we as humans are consciously or subconsciously always looking for balance.  You must tap into their minds and their hearts.

Giving your membership site ‘soul’ is simple….give them what they are seeking…consciously or unconsciously…give them balance.

Give them your mind and your heart.

Next we’re going to discuss a few modules within your site that are a must in creating this balance.

Till then…I am off to Tampa to see my grandkids.  They truly are the lights of my life.

For those of you in the Grand ol’ USA…

Fireworks - American Flag“Happy Forth of July”….and to everyone else included…celebrate your Freedoms!  Freedom is a God given right!

and, always give ‘thanks’…..


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