Today I am going to bring up the most important step to achieving success…whether it be online or offline.

That step is your ~ACTION step~

You see, action is what takes the image from your imagination and manifests it in this physical realm. Action is movement… you stir the atoms awake and get them moving and they simply answer the design of the vision that is held forth.

Without the all important action step, your image remains in the realm of the “imagination.” That’s all fine and good if you want to exist in that realm all the time. Good luck paying your bills from there though 😉 

For those who want to take those visions and create/bring them into the physical realm…you must perform the action step…the movement step…the creation step.

Take enough action steps towards your vision and eventually you will create in the physical realm what you have dreamed up in the imaginary realm! It’s law folks…plain and simple. Mathematical law.

I wonder how many realize that the word “action” is contained in and is in fact the last word within the word “attraction.”

With all the talk about the “Law of Attraction” these days, you’d think everyone would be creating. But most people stop short…they think they can entertain some visions in their minds and they are going to magically manifest themselves….they don’t take the all important action step…the only step that will manifest anything here in the physical realm.

Fears never stopped anyone from daydreaming/imagining but fears have held a lot of people up from realizing their dreams in the physical realm because of fear of taking action steps.

I have friend who is  a wonderful example of someone who took valuable action steps towards realizing her dream of working full time online. Sally Neill of  “Shine brightly without burning out” won herself a $2,000 blog by taking action steps in Alex Jeffrey’s class and winning a contest.

But not only did she win a contest by her actions, but she got the attention of her mentor/teacher Alex Jeffrey’s. (seems he has had his eyes on her for a while and this just sealed the deal for him 😉

He took note of someone who was so ambitious, energetic and smart. It wasn’t long after Sally won this contest that she was on a Skype conversation with Alex Jeffrey’s (the list building king) and guess what folks? He asked her if she would like to join his team! That’s right…her dream of working full time online is now manifested in the physical realm.

Sally got to do what all of us have dreamed about at one time or another. She walked into  work the next day…up top her boss…and quit her job! Just like that! Wow (ok…she did give notice…she’s too classy to do it any other way!)

She is not only working online, but she is working with Alex Jeffrey’s the list building king! That is a dream job…can you imagine learning from the pro himself? I would say with proper work Sally’s financial future has just taken a giant step forward!

So, how did this all happen? Sally took some very important action steps. After working successfully with eBay a few years back selling digital products, she found herself out of work when eBay decided to change its rules suddenly.

In stead of giving up…Sally took a bit of a break from online work, reassessed her situation and came back online with a new plan.

The next important step she took was to sign up to learn under one of the marketing masters online Alex Jeffrey’s. And, now look at where she is!

Sally’s ship has come in…but not because she sat around in her imaginary world all day. But her dreams are manifesting because she took the action steps required to manifest them. And, she kept taking them…pushing that envelope harder and harder until one day….

she became Alex’s newest team member.

Now in stead of having to use valuable time to drive her daughter Jade to school in the morning, she can sit and enjoy Jade…sharing breakfast time together. She only has to walk a short distant to her computer.

Her story is a magical, inspiring one for anyone dreaming of online success.

My advice is to keep on taking those action steps…keep pushing the envelope until one day you wake up and something “magical” happens to you too! In reality…its not magical at all…simply the fulfillment of the “law” you set in motion by your action steps.

Dreams really do come true! But remember…in order to attract what we have envisioned , what our hearts desire, what we want…we must act!

It’s a great story and worth the read…it will inspire you to keep on keeping on!

“I just quit my offline job!”

Congratulations Sally… and thanks for the awesome inspiration!

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section. What action steps are you taking to manifest your dreams?

Kathy *

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