yinyangAre you tired of struggling against life? Are you finished with limitation and distortion and ready to move beyond it but can’t seem to find that one piece of the puzzle to get you there?

What do you see when you look in the mirror? What are your perceptions telling you? Do you see someone who is perfect in the moment or someone who needs lots of work?

How you answer that question is key to moving beyond limitation, it is the key to the puzzle that you have been searching for.

If you are being honest, you see someone who needs lots of work. Someone who could be more loving, more forgiving, more, more, more.

Where does this perception come from?

It comes from separation. It is the driving force behind “survival.” When you see yourself as less than Divine you are constantly reaching to be Divine.

That is the cause of all limitation and distortion in the world. Whether it manifests as war, disease, anger, fear…

They are all the result of the “Great Divide” – dividing yourself from your creator.

You have accepted in your mind as Truth the idea that you are one thing and your creator is another.

But don’t you see…you can’t have one without the other?

You are both creator and creation. Creation could not exist without a creator and the creator has no existence without creation.

Can a pie be called a pie without the ingredients? A pie is a pie as a result of the ingredients the same way the Creator becomes a creator through its creations and no other way.

They are One and the same thing. An artist becomes an artist through his creations and not before.

This GREAT DIVIDE…the original sin, this belief that you operate separately from your creator is the cause of all limitation, competition and greed with the end result of famines, battles and wars.

Truth is YOU ARE THE CREATOR and always have been because “you can’t have one without the other,” each one gives definition to the other.

Remember, an artist becomes an artist because of his creations and not before.

When you have grown and evolved enough and this becomes a “knowing” within you…that you are not only God’s creation, but GOD the Creator  –  it is at this point that you begin to heal the split, the Great Divide that has caused your house to fall; your body to fail.

You begin the conscious process of removing all attitudes, thoughts, beliefs and perceptions that honor separateness and presently dwell in your subconscious and rule your life from fear and limitation.

Once you’ve cleared off the veils, the masks or whatever creative deceptions you’ve learned to hide behind, it is at the point, that you once again unite with your Godhead, the Love that has so patiently waited for your attention and devotion as your soul grew through its experiences on earth until its awareness was expanded enough that it could finally recognize itself as LOVE, the Creator.

two become ONEAnd, the Great Divide becomes ONE again. No longer is there a “you and me”…a person within and a God without.

The two become ONE in the Divine Marriage and this union produces a son, a new awareness, a new perception, the “Christ Consciousness,” the consciousness of being human in form but Divine in nature, the highest consciousness you can achieve as a human being…for what is grander than “knowing” yourself as God?

Now when you look in the mirror you no longer see a “me,” that needs number-one-is-MEximproving constantly, you no longer see “imperfection,” you see God, you see Love in action, you see ONE – both the creator and the creation; you see perfection in the moment and you fall in love with all of you.

This is the unconditional love you have been searching for without.

It is this “knowing”…this Unity of thought, the marriage of your consciousness with that of the Divine that heals because once you KNOW yourself as God what has power over that? Not even death, for death cannot live where life abides.

It’s all about perception my loves…our world is defined by our perceptions and our perceptions are moving into a higher definition of themselves.

Both powerful and empowering!

Off to play in the Universe of “all possibilities” because if there are “limited opportunities” in the human mind then there are “unlimited possibilities” in the Divine mind.

You can’t have one without the other…

The choice is yours…where are you operating from?

Join me in the “Divine Mind,” where synchronicity and play
are the magic of the day…





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