what-are-you-thinkingDon’t you see…you wonder why the world seems cruel and damaged.

And, you ponder, “how can I change it…what can I do?”

Don’t you see…you have it backward?

You’re trying to change the “finished pie” so that it no longer tastes bitter…so that it is no longer bland…so that the crust is light and flaky and not dark and dense.

But don’t you see…that’s backwards my friend…

Your “finished pie” tastes bitter because you made it that way…

You put the ingredients in and infused it with energy, flavor, texture and form. 


You have it backwards believing you can change things from the outside in. That you can change your pie to cherry when you originally put apples in.

A thought is an ingredient and every one you have adds a dimension to your “finished pie”…a taste, a flavor, a bitterness or sweetness…a lightness or denseness.

Those things you see that you don’t like out there in the world?…The ones you want to change?…

Those things are there because you are thinking them…

You are not thinking them because they are there.

You have it backwards my friend…

No “finished pie” exists without first having been the ingredients that created it…


The ingredients will always come before the “finished pie.”







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