Ok, so it’s just hours before the launch of John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass for 2010 and the excitement is building 😉 If you have not already done so, navigate through one of the links below and get on board.

For those of you already in line, I promised you a list of marketers that I personally know have awesome bonuses attached if you sign up for John’s course under their link.

These bonuses have become very competitive and some of these offers will simply blow you away. You are not only getting John Thornhill’s expertise, but in most cases the marketer you sign up under is providing you companionship coaching of differing degrees throughout the course. These people are not going to sign you and leave you, they’re on for the ride and will be there to see you through.

All of these marketers I have had personal relationships with (no, not that personal! 😉 ;), communicated with them at various times and know what a value any of them would be to you in your journey throughout your coaching program….and beyond.

Don’t forget…this is a very important decision you are making. This is your entrance into and introduction to the first person in your network….Your network will turn out to be the most important element of your whole business. Something you won’t fully appreciate till you get further in.

John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass Coaching Course
Super Bonus Offers:

Edson Buchanan…I personally signed up under Edson last year and I know how awesome his bonuses were…. this year I hear they are even better. If you like eBay you may want to hook up with this guy…he’s the “eBay Guy.” He knows his stuff. His bonuses are right there with the best…

Edson Buchanan’s Bonuses

Edson Buchanan’s Blog “The eBay Guy”

Dave Nicholson is one of my favorite marketers who also participated in John’s class and webinar and gave us free access to some of his awesome programs. I am sure his bonuses are off the chart!

Dave Nicholson Bonuses

Dave Nicholson’s Blog

Daniel Sumner worked directly for John’s coaching course last year, took care of the help desk and answered all our questions in a very timely manner. With his inside knowledge he could certainly be an aide to you so be sure and check his bonuses too.

Daniel Sumner Bonuses

Daniel Sumner’s Blog

Randy Smith…another favorite…. is the most honest straight forward marketer I know and the perfect go to guy. Read about the Masterclass Coaching Course and follow his link to bonuses. Patient guy… He would be an awesome companion mentor.

Randy Smith’s Bonuses

Randy’s Ramblings

Stuart Turnbull was a student in our class and also the class before that. If anyone knows the coaching course it certainly would be Stuart. He was always there on the forum offering help to new students, like me at the time 😉 He’s playing with the big guys now 😉 and offers some awesome bonuses.

Stuart Turnbull Bonuses

Stuart Turnbull Blog

Dan Thompson is a former student early on of John’s and owns and runs d9 Hosting with Paula Brett now (my favorite hosting company!) He really knows his stuff and his bonuses are definitely worth a look.

Dan Thompson’s Bonuses

Dan Thompson’s El Paso Blog

Jacinta Dean was a classmate with me in the last coaching course and Jacinta was also in the first round. She really knows her stuff and if you’d like to work with a person (geez its nice to get some feminine energy in here) who has experienced exactly what you are going to experience and has succeeded at it then check out her awesome bonuses.

Jacinta Dean’s Bonuses

Jacinta Dean’s Blog

I stand behind any of the marketers above and know that you will be in the best of care should you decide to join John’s coaching under one of these marketers.  Study each offer carefully and choose the one that suits you the best. Not the one that works for someone else. Each one offers different bonuses…each unique. Find your perfect fit 😉

Whatever you do, just take Action! Hey, 2010 has only  just begun! Make this your year!

And for all of you who don’t care for bonuses 🙂 here’s my link. If you want to sign up under me, drop me a note and I’ll work something special out just for you 😉

John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass coaching course…simply awesome!


Peace and prosperity in 2010 and beyond!

Kathy   kathydobson

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