abyss2I wonder…how many of you have reached the point of “jumping into the abyss”? Eventually everyone who travels the path of ascension comes to this point.

What is the abyss and why do you need to jump?

The abyss is the unknown. The unknown is territory you have not tread in before…uncharted territory.

The abyss we are referring to here is when you consciously leave your mind behind and allow your Heart to lead the way.

We all have demons…those thoughts that control us, that dictate to us how to behave and what actions we should take. If we study the dramas that appear over and over in our lives we will easily recognize these demons…these thoughts, these fears that control our thinking and therefore our lives.

As you begin consciously ascending, everything within your thought patterns that is out of alignment with LOVE will surface to be healed. When it does it comes by way of drama in your life. These can be intense. Our buttons must be pushed in order for the darkest recesses…the deepest buried fears/demons to surface.

How can we heal what we don’t know we have? We must be made consciously aware of what lives in our thoughts if we are to ascend in thought to higher dimensions. We must face these demons at their own game.

So, situations are brought into our lives to “push our buttons” so that we can consciously face these fears. They need to surface in order for us to transmute the misqualified energy. You can recognize your deepest ingrained fears as they surface by how you feel in the moment.

For example…my own situation brought out many deep seated fears about money. Every time I would sit and do bills these little demons would surface with their fears. I used to hate doing bills because it opened up these uncomfortable feelings…and worse it opened up nasty thoughts. Negative thoughts…thoughts of not having enough.

Then one day I decided to face these little demons. Rather than allow them to get to me I simply waited for their appearance…and it did not take long. One look at my fiances that day sent my fears creating intense dramas about what was going to happen.

These are the dramas I used to buy into. But that day was different. I actually saw these thoughts as entities and I treated them as such.

Because I referred to these little thoughts as demons you are probably thinking I crucified them. Yes and no. I started out by yelling at them to remove themselves from my presence. I pushed them away. I didn’t want them anywhere near me…effecting my consciousness any more.

They had already done enough damage…after all these same thoughts had been performing in my life for many many years. I knew that. I also knew that they had not accomplished anything except bringing me right back to the same point that I started from. It’s all they knew.

I soon learned not to yell and push them away…that only sent them scurrying back inside…and they would bury themselves deeper.  I realized that pushing them away was buying into their ability to control me.

I also realized that these thoughts were simply fears surfacing and that these fears were actually trying to protect me from harm…from danger…from anything they felt might cause disappointment or failure. You talk about being over-protective! The sub-conscious is the Mother of over-protection.

But it was also stealing my Joy with fear. So, rather than chase them away as I did originally…I embraced them with LOVE. I realized that these thoughts were deep rooted fears that attached themselves to my subconscious when I was in total survival mode. They were simply doing their job. So I loved them. That’s right. I LOVED them.

As a consciously ascending light-worker I knew that Love had the power to heal all things…because Love is the energy of life….the Singularity. The one that comes before all others…most importantly fear. Love heals fear. So I used Love. Whenever these little demons would surface I embraced them…I spoke to them as real entities because that is what they are. I told them that there was no need to fear anymore. That I now knew who I was and I was no longer afraid.

As for my financial situation at the time I was now embracing abundance as an attribute of God and lack had no place in my consciousness.

So, I embraced lack with Love and the minute I did that these fears vanished as though they never existed.  

They only exist because they don’t know Love. The minute Love takes over…they have no reason to be.

Whether your demons be financial, as many of mine seem to have been…emotional, physical, or mental, one day you tire of the situations that seem to circle around and around in your life like a Merry-go-round or a hamster on a wheel…and you face them; you stand up to them and look them straight in the eye.

Soon, after clearing many veils of illusion in your clarity and discernment, you come face to face with your darkest and strongest demon. The one that unsettles you the most; the one that keeps making a recurrence in your life…..you know the hamster on a wheel stuff.

But, you are different this time. Your conscious effort to understand yourself has paid off. Initially, you feel the ‘fear’ that drives this demon…the strength that wants to over take your peace.

This time you face it; you stand up to it. You assume the power position and see it for the illusion that it is.

You understand that it has no reality but the reality that you feed it.  It has no power but the power you give it. No longer will you feed the mind that continues to bring the same old worn out non-solutions to the table. No longer will you listen to the mind that got you into the situation in the first place.

How can a mind that landed you in a situation find a way out of the situation?

You let go. You release your mind and all the dramas that have created your life. You stop feeding it and you decide to jump.   good1

You jump into the unknown; no longer do you try and control things with solutions from your mind as you’ve done for your whole life. You are now in uncharted territory.

This is strange territory for you. You’ve always turned to your mind for solutions, how do you release yourself from that habit?

You become one with nature and allow life to happen. You no longer resist the moment that is in front of you…no matter what it holds. You align with LOVE at every instant; every moment; every happening.

You have spread your wings and jumped;  jumped into the abyss of the unknown and given your strength, focus, mind and heart to Love.

You no longer try and figure things out with a mind full of fears…you live in Joy knowing that each moment holds the gift of the “present”, each moment holds the gift of Love and there are no forces that can overcome the power of Love.

It’s new territory, but its exciting. You are aligned with the power of Love.

As January 2014 comes to a close, determine that this is your year…the year you jump into the abyss. Next time your deep rooted fears are pushed…next time they surface, face them and consciously love them. Don’t run, don’t hide and don’t allow fear laced thoughts to control your life.

Let go of your mind and jump into the abyss of unknowing and allow Love to work its magic. Remember Love operates in the moment…not the past and future (your previous experiences)…the illusions.

Expanded Consciousness Lesson:

Get out of your mind and into the moment.

In service…with so much love,





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