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If you click on the picture above it will take you to a site that lists numerous JV Events that you can join.

Recently I was invited to join a JV Giveaway event with other marketers offering similar products. It wasn’t long ago that I had no idea what a JV Giveaway event was, so with that in mind,¬† let me start this post by explaining exactly what a JV Giveaway event is and how it benefits you.

For those of you who are looking for numerous product downloads to choose from, JV Giveaways are right up your alley. In this post, we’re going to concentrate on JV Giveaway Events from a marketers stance.

From a marketers point of view, JV Giveaway events are for one purpose only…that purpose is to build their list.

If you have entertained Internet marketing for any amount of time, you know the first and most important thing for you to have as a marketer is a list of people that you can promote to.

JV Giveaway events are a relatively new method of list building …in fact, they have only been around for a few years…the brainchild of Internet marketers who love nothing more than breaking out of brick and mortar rules for marketing.

What I like best about JV giveaways is that they actually begin all the action by giving away something…a Universal principal put into action. Give and set yourself up to receive. ūüėČ

JV Giveaway events are similar to ad swaps. With an ad swap, you and a partner in the same field will each send the others promotion or advertisement to their own existing list. While ad swapping is a legitimate way to build your list…you are using subscribers to gain subscribers… the leverage effect is only 1:1. Most times you only carry out one ad swap at a time…although that is not a hard core rule. Remember though…all the partners that you have asked to ad swap with, you will also have to send to your list their promo or ad.

With a JV giveaway event, you can build your list with lightning fast speed. Basically with a JV Giveaway event the host of the event invites  partners to participate that primarily are list owners in the same niche and each of those partners is required to contribute a gift.

The gifts that are contributed are usually digital products:

  • ebook
  • report
  • audio or video products
  • software or scripts
  • memberships at reduced fees or free membership passes

You can be creative with your giveaway as long as it falls in line with any rules that may have been set in place by the originators/hosts of the giveaway. These gifts are then pooled together by the host on one or more pages or in a members area. This is where the visitors go to “shop” for the gifts that are of interest to them.

As a contributing partner, you prepare an opt-in page for anyone that may be interested in the product you are offering. When they enter the “members area” and click on your product, they are taken to your opt-in page where they must fill in their name and email address before they are granted the free download.

This is how you build your list.

When these JV Giveaway events were first launched a few years back you were required to have a list of “so many” prospects before your were allowed to participate and they were very strict about it. That usually left out any new or beginning marketers. Times have changed and now there are alot of JV Giveaway Events that allow you to participate without having a huge list.¬† Each event is run by different marketers so be sure and read through the rules before joining.

You may be wondering where all the prospective prospects for this  JV Giveaway Event come from. This is the second part of the equation. Not only will you be required to bring a valuable  free product contribution to the event, you will also be required to promote the event. After all, this is a JV event and it requires a JV effort.

Everyone who participates in a JV Giveaway Event is required to promote the event to their own list of prospects as well as writing blog posts and articles and advertising through social media etc…any means that will drive traffic to the event.¬† When you email your subscribers, you will ask them to go to the Giveaway event and download their “choices/gifts” at zero cost to them.

Usually these things are tracked and if you have not contributed any unique hits to your promotional URL within a certain time frame of one or two days, your JV account is downgraded and your promotion removed.

Here’s an example of what might be required:


Rule #1:
You MUST Promote the giveaway.
We have coded in Tracking Stats to ensure ALL JV Partners are Promoting.
If you do not have any unique hits to your promotion URL after the giveaway launches your JV account will be downgraded and your gift will be removed.

Rule #2:
Obey Rule #1

Rule #3:

Obviously, the better the gift that you offer…the more valuable it is to the visitors on the page, the more unique hits you will get that translate into opt-ins for your own list. A valued commenter suggested I mention the fact that it is always better to bring something original of your own to achieve the best results. Rehashed PLR that others have seen in other Giveaways won’t fetch you many sign-ups.

Can you see the power of leveraging everyone’s efforts at promoting this event? The possibilities are huge. If you have supplied a valuable free gift that others are looking for, you can conceivably build your list by hundreds…if not thousands within the time frame that is set up (and, that time frame for some seems indefinite as I just joined the Halloween one as a member to check out what people offer…. and it is still open and valid) Once again you would have to check those details when you signed up.

The ideal situation is to be on board when they launch the event to capture all the visitors while they are still hungry.¬† It’s always an advantage when you have a large list to bring to the table but understand that most times it is not a requirement… and there are other ways to contribute and drive traffic to the event. Either way,¬† you must contribute.

There are certain things that need to be in place before you can successfully participate in a JV Giveaway Event such as an auto-responder and support email address. In my next post, we’ll cover these as well as delve a little deeper into the product do’s and dont’s of what you should bring to the table in the way of a gift.

We’ll also discuss how you can identify a quality giveaway event.

Till then…

Let’s celebrate the “Spirit of Giving Away!”


For a list of JV Giveaway Events that you can join:

JV Giveaways

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