Wow, what a busy morning!  But, let’s back up to yesterday morning first.

I thought I would go into my “About” page and post a thumbnail pic of myself and a little about who I am…just for those that might be curious.

Well, I managed to upload the photo, but I didn’t like the way it looked so I deleted it.  But, I guess I didn’t pay enough attention to what I was deleting because when I pulled up my blog the “About” page was missing altogether on the sidebar!  Yikes.  I tried everything I knew to get it back up with no luck.  In fact, I ended up doing some other things that I didn’t want to do by mistake.  Amazingly enough I managed to get those things fixed, but still no luck getting that “About” page back on my sidebar.

Now, I knew there was a way to add new pages, catagories etc. because I have viewed many WordPress blogs and their sidebars were very customized.  So, I wasn’t panicking, but my perfectionist self sure wanted it back that morning….:)  It was a test for my patience for sure.

This morning Edson Buchanan and I connected via Yahoo chat and he told me what to do.  I needed to go to D9 hosting under my account and ask them to back my blog up to the day before yesterday.  I just love this guy…he’s so helpful in every way.  Anyway, off I went to D9 hosting and opened a live chat with the technical dept.  Spoke with Dan and he told me that it might not work if it had already been backed up after I did it…which it was.  So, he said we could go back to the weekly backup…that did the trick.  My “About” option was back on my sidebar but I lost my last two posts.  Fortunate for me, I had copied these posts and I was able to go back in this morning and repost them.  The only difference is that they now appear with today’s date instead of the date I had written them earlier this week.  No problem…I was relieved to have my blog look like it did before I messed up.

One thing for sure, I’ll be alot more careful before I delete something!  Lesson learned.  It’s all part of the process though and I am sure there will be many more “mess-ups” while in my learning curve….and beyond, as the internet is constantly changing.  We must grow as it grows or we’ll be left behind.

I am sure there are alot of very good hosting sites out there but I am grateful to John Thornhill that he led us to D9.  Their live chat was awesome and the problem was fixed within a few minutes.  Now, that’s good service.  Kudos to D9.

Gotta run…lots to accomplish today.



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