Eureka!  I made my first dollar via Internet Marketing yesterday.  I joined ChattoText and someone that I had sent the link to joined…and the best part about it is they sent it out to their “list” of 50 people (which is actually bigger than mine.)  I have already gotten word…and, another 25 cents that someone joined out of that 50.  Wonder how many they will send it out to?

I gotta tell you it was a real rush to see that money in my account!

As promised I printed it out and will frame it…:)

Yesterday I had a revelation about this program I’d like to share with all of you.  What if everyone that all of us sent this program to only “saw” the business opportunity, the financial gain that could be produced from a mere $6 investment?

I don’t use the service, and at present I don’t care about the service, but I do care about what this program can do for me financially.

I am promoting the business opportunity first.  The problem arises when you promote the product first….everyone gets stuck there…they don’t see the business opportunity. Fear gets in the way.  I want people to  “see” the financial possibilities the Universe has placed within their hands first.  The product/service itself is the icing on the cake.  And, don’t forget, you can cancel out of the program at any time.  So, essentially the most anyone stands to loose is $6….and that’s only if they don’t get anyone aboard.

Do you see the possibilities?

When I promote ChattoText, I stress the possible financial gain…..

for everyone willing to part with $6.

It’s another stream of income…and, you can’t have too many of those.

You cannot get rich doing nothing.  Even those that win lotteries had to buy tickets.  That’s action my friends.  You must meet the Universe half way.  SEE the possibilities, take ACTION, reap the rewards….

and, quit dreaming.

The Universe is waiting to reward you.

Wishing you clarity of mind…,


Remember you can get to the site from my blog…just scroll up on the dark blue sidebar until you see “Recommended.”  Click on “A New Texting Application”…which I need to change to “An Awesome Business Opportunity.”..;)

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