Today I want to talk about freedom. That may be my single most favorite word…after “peace.” 😉

“The 4 Hour WorkWeek” by famed author Timothy Ferriss, introduced the masses to the term “Lifestyle Design”….the new paradigm of thought that has emerged as the younger generation refuses to accept the template lifestyle that most of us have been forced to live in the past.

Granted, we did not have the advantages that are available today such as the Internet and advances in technology that have allowed these freedom seekers to do exactly what it is they are doing…living life on their own terms.

And, if truth be told, it is all of us who have had dreams of freedom so intense that technology had no choice but to respond to our  request that set the table for these freedom seekers. 😉

These adventurous freedom seekers travel the world and live and play when they want. They have established businesses online (most likely some are passive income streams) that allow them to work from any place that has an Internet connection.

Some of these “location independent” individuals simply move to a place they dreamed about and set their homes up until they are ready to move on.

Others that are referred to as “Digital Nomads” work as they move around the globe. It’s usually easier to do this if you are not towing a family around, but I am sure if I looked hard enough I could find many families that are nomadic too.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, these people do work…they still have to cover their expenses etc. but they work online and they have freedom to create their own situations.

Their work schedules are created around their own needs rather than the other way around.

I love the spirit of these freedom seekers. In fact, I tried for days to name my blog 2 years ago and then one day out of nowhere it hit me…

“Dedicated to Freedom”…because that is what I am about. Freedom…personal and financial freedom. And, as a previous corporate slave whose entrepreneur’s voice would be silenced no more I truly appreciate that freedom.

So, if your heart is screaming for adventure and no longer have to silence it. Join the new revolution of freedom seekers who have taken their lives into complete control and no longer live the “template” lifestyle.

It’s interesting to note that every account that I have read from individuals or families living this lifestyle is very similar…they all gave up well to do corporate jobs or connections because they valued their freedom more.

Here’s a sampling of blogs that you will enjoy reading:

  • Thrilling Heroics by Cody McKibbens: one of my favorite blogs on the topic.
    You will find just about everything you need to start an “location independent lifetstyle” of your own.

    He is also implementing a new site called: “Digital Nomad Academy” where you will be able to find all the tools and resources as well as examples of people already living this lifestyle. You can also pick up his free guide: “Digital Nomads 101 Resources Guide” while you are there.

  • Location Independent: Lea and Jonathan Woodward along with their daughter Mali left their treadmill lifestyle in the UK back in 2005 and have lived an Independent Lifestyle since.
  • Corbett Barr: Another Lifestyle entrepreneur and digital nomad who travels with and lives with his wife in Mexico. His is an interesting story that help to expand your horizens.
  • The Nu-Nomad: You’ll find 25 ways to create a location independent lifestyle on this site. So, if you think that by building websites that create passive income is the only way to achieve this lifestyle you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise.
  • Tropical Lifestyle: Another favorite blog. Learn how Dan makes an exceptional living while enjoying total freedom. Dan also owns another blog “Outsource to the Philippines” that will help all of you interested in outsourcing in the Philippines.Dan actually lives in the Philippines so you get first hand information.There truly is a wealth of information about Filipino outsourcing to be found here.

    Dan also offers an internship to a lucky individual every year or bi-yearly where you get your room and board paid for and all that is required of you is a few hours of your time every morning to work on his site…and your plane ticket over.

    Can you imagine the education you’d get from him for free!

And, the list goes on and on. As you can see, there is no shortage of sites about location independence…with more springing up everyday.

Is this a totally new lifestyle?

No…people like Warren Buffett or Donald Trump, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey have been location independent forever…or so it seems. The wealthy have always had access to this type lifestyle…

but, that’s the beauty of the neteveryone…no matter what financial situation you are in now, because of technology that is readily available can become “location independent” if they have a passion for it.

If that is your dream…it is within your reach. There has never been a time like now to reach for the stars and embrace your passion. Don’t settle for anything less.

It’s enlightening to know that our thoughts are evolving…no longer are we content to work simply to pay the bills. We as humans value freedom to live our passions…more than we want the template lifestyle. We truly are evolving!

We are demanding, as humans…freedom. Freedom of spirit, freedom to live, work and play. Make no mistake about it, those desires are what is forcing technology to answer our prayers….not the other way around. So, keep those dreams alive and expanding!

It truly is an exciting time to be alive!

With gratitude for technology…. 😉 and for you…

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