Wow does it feel good to be here again 😉

I know it’s been too long since I last posted (January 11th to be exact) but it’s not because I have been playing and not paying attention.

Nothing could be further from the truth…    

I have been working harder than ever on a project that I was recently invited into.

This project requires video tutorials and that’s what I have been very, very busy doing.

Every morning and every night…most times way, way past my bedtime.

If you’ve never written a script…let me tell you the whole experience is quite different than writing an ebook. And, that’s where I had to start…

writing the scripts for the videos that I am producing…on the subject of Outsourcing of course 😉

When opportunity knocks…you have to answer and this is opportunity knocking loud and clear and although the time frame was very tight for me…I wasn’t about to pass up this exciting venture.

Which brings me to the message of this post….

Are you ready for success?

Seems like a simple enough question with a simple enough answer…BUT I ask again…

Are you ready for success?

You just never know when success is going to come knocking at your door…will you be ready when your doorbell rings?

This is the valuable lesson I learned the last couple of weeks.

Success has come knocking on my door…

I never saw this coming…nor did I go looking for it.

No one was more surprised than I was when I opened the email to find opportunity knocking loud and clear.

It came in a way I never thought possible.

It was like a shooting star that suddenly appeared in the heavens…

Was I ready? For success yes…

Would I have liked to have a few other things in place that I have talked about for months now? Yes.

So, I want to tell you right now…you never know when success will come knocking…

Get prepared. Quit procrastinating…
Been putting off writing that ebook or e-course that you know you would be great at teaching?

How about all of you who are determined to learn video but you have procrastinated and it is still a vision in your head?

Don’t wait…success could come knocking at any time…


We all put our visions and dreams out there when we take those action steps.

It is the ~~~~action steps~~~~ that fill the image with energy needed to create in the physical realm.

(Remember, the word act…is hidden within the word attrACT….we must act in order to attract 😉

The Universe will answer. But, this answer may not come the way you think it will.

The Universe loves surprises…

It truly is the most exciting thing that has happened to me online.

I am proof positive that if you put enough faith and belief into your dreams and passions and

and you take ~~~~action~~~on those dreams and passions…

they will manifest in this realm.

Remember…in order to attract we must act 😉

Take a hard look at yourself and your online presence.

Are you doing everything you should be so when success comes knocking…

you never have to say…”why didn’t I?”

Are you ready for success?

Before I go…I want to publicly thank the grand Universe for this exciting opportunity and to Chuck who listened to his heart. I resonate very strongly with his voice.

His message is for the 21st Century and I am honored to be part of it…

Thanks to everyone who has helped me pull this off with short notice…

I couldn’t do it without the guidance and help of my friends…so thank you 😉

Curious? I hope so 😉 😉 Click the banner on top 😉

With a grateful heart… and excited spirit!

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