In a few previous posts, I talked at length about how important it is to have a forum and how a forum can contribute so many things to your membership site.

Not only can you achieve more by having a forum on your site, you can benefit by visiting and joining other forums.  Forums take a lot of people who would otherwise be scattered and gathers them together in one spot for you.

Recently I joined Randy Smith’s MoreMonthly and, within the site is a forum that I quickly joined.  Since then I have not only met some new friends and supporters, but three of these people were generous enough to visit my blog and take the time to comment. The system really does work.  When I think of the word networking, I always think  in terms of setting yourself up for something in the future.  There is no better place to network than the Internet.  And the perfect place to network is within a forum.

I am currently in John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass and I cannot say enough good things about it.  Because of my awesome experience in class, when I started getting emails from all the top marketers about Alex Jeffrey’s marketing class opening up…well I was tempted.  But, I knew I had enough on my plate for the present moment so I had to let it pass…at least this time…;)

But, while I was learning my way around Randy’s MoreMonthly forum…gathering as many tips and strategies as I could, I noticed that one of them mentioned being a student in Alex’s class and was writing a post about getting indexed by Google fast.  I followed the link to read what he had to say.  I learned a great deal about how to get indexed fast….make sure you follow both links in his blog post.  I highly recommend this post if you want to learn more about how to get indexed fast by Google.  I went to every link they had on the list and learned some interesting stuff about my blog!

Additionally, I noticed on Keith’s homepage the link to student blogs in Alex’s class.  So, I’ve spent a little time visiting them and commenting and I plan on returning to a few on a regular basis.

I may not be in Alex’s class but I can benefit from learning from those that are in Alex’s class.  🙂networking

Couple that with my own class and classmates and I’ve got the best of all worlds in my opinion.

Ok, so I just now noticed that I got another comment on one of my blog posts.  This time it is from someone within Alex’s class…someone whose blog I had visited and left a comment on….after discovering it on Keith’s blog roll.  And, how did this whole process start?  By joining and contributing to a forum.

You see, networking really does work!

It really is just the little things that will make you a grand success.

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