Has anyone else felt how “fast” things are moving these days? Truthfully, it’s almost hard to keep up with technology the advances are so quick and impactful.

This wave of technology is affecting everything in our lives…particularly the way we do business. The movement towards a global economy has not only begun, it is moving forward with lightning speed and will continue to evolve and expand.

No matter where you are located in the US or any another country, the days of localized economies are a thing of the past. We must stop thinking of our localized communities and countries as being independent and dominant and standing alone.

We have moved into a global economy for many reasons, one being the fact that we can reach anyone in the world in less than a few seconds…and everything in our lives is being affected by it.

This leaves us with two choices:

Ignore this fact…hoping it will go away or flop somehow and everyone will revert back to how it was before the Internet arrived on the scene. (ever hear of evolution reversing itself?…NOT)


Embrace this fact…and learn to evolve and expand along with this new global economy, taking advantage of the new opportunities it brings.

You may think you have a choice…but, you really don’t. You either embrace it and grow…or ignore it and die. It’s really that simple.

Along with this new global economy is a natural expansion of outsourcing. Outsourcing has been used for some time now by multinational companies who had the means and knew the importance of leveraging time and resources.

No longer is outsourcing only for corporations. Technology has brought outsourcing to the masses so that even the small business owner can reach out across the globe for the help it needs at affordable prices.

This is OPPORTUNITY knocking like never before for those with “eyes that see.”

I know there are those reading this who feel they need to keep their spending confined within their own communities or countries.

That loyalty was true at one time and it was needed. But those are days of old. You cannot hang onto those days anymore than you can hang on to the idea of using a land line phone forever or the pioneers of old could hang on to the idea of crossing the continent in covered wagons.

Ultimately, we as human beings share the globe…not a community or a country. We must expand our vision to include all humans…no matter what country on this earth they call home and quit dividing mankind.

Earth is home…and, mankind is its citizens. United we stand…divided we fall.

This is a new age (I know…I know it is a much over used term…but so accurate too) and new time…a new generation.

No longer are we here to divide and conquer but we are here to join and rejoice.

No longer is it about competition but about cooperation and collaboration. If you truly believe that there is a source providing for you…then you know there is enough for all concerned.

This source…no matter what label you give it takes care of all mankind…never playing favorites.

If you have a desire…a dream…a vision…this is a nudge from the Universe and the Universe would never allow you to have a dream that it did not have the means to fulfill.

We are the world. Whether we are feeding someone in the Philippines or our own families we must understand and embrace the fact that we are all brothers and sisters on this grand planet we call earth.

If you are drawn to outsourcing…to the Philippines or wherever…follow your heart. You are being summoned to help another human within this ONE WORLD of ours.

Don’t let the naysayers get in the way. They live in the past and will perish along with the past.

Equality and opportunity belong to every human.

Embrace technology…embrace mankind…and UNITE the two together.

Only then will we realize the dream of so many…of a Utopian Earth where all mankind is treated equally.

Live and let live….embrace change….

And love everyone with the same heart….

Till next time,

Kathy *

Next installment I will be revealing some of my own experiences with outsourcing. I have some funny stories to tell 😉

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