Wow, I can’t believe how much time has passed since my last post. You know I read somewhere that time really is going by faster…and I believe it. Has something to do with the Schumann resonance and the spin of the earth.

Although it seems I haven’t been around much…I actually have been. I have been working diligently with my new business partner Suzen (new business partner…old friend) and we’re very close to opening the doors to our new outsourcing blog.

Actually, we are not only going to cover outsourcing…but it will be a site dedicated to the new entrepreneur that seems to be emerging along with our new global economy.

That coupled with the fact that my 86 year old mom has been in and out of the hospital the past month (more in than out)…not only do I have responsibility to her…but to my 88 year old dad who just has terrible depth perception and requires attention to leave the house anymore.

As much as I love my marketing and my readership…family must always come first…and I hope they do with you also.

Because of many factors….the world economy included…. people are turning to the net in droves to try to carve out a living for themselves and their families.  It is now possible for anyone…with determination, perseverance, tenacity and firm faith in themselves…to become the entrepreneur they have dreamed about and possibly for the first time in their lives…be their own boss.

All because the Internet reaches people equally…without prejudice…even the small guy….who now has more opportunity than he has ever had before.

Although there is no concrete formula for success, some of the qualities that an entrepreneur exhibits that you  too must possess if you are to experience success are:

Mindset: You must have a clear image of what it is you are trying to achieve…what is it that lives in this dream of yours? Paint a very clear picture of success in your mind…with all the details of how you got there. Your success must feel real to you when you think about it and you must play back this image at every opportunity.

Many personal coaches stand by this visualization exercise.

Passion: Passion is the steam that will drive your vision forward until you reach success. If you don’t love what you do it is a lot harder to succeed. Think of the many people you know who hate their jobs…how dedicated do you think they can get…without passion for what they do?

It is necessary to find what you are passionate about and work in that arena. Passion leads to excitement and excitement is what makes the energy flow.

If you happen to be passionate in an area that is so narrow that it simply  could not produce enough income…then find a hot niche to work in that you enjoy enough…and use the proceeds from that to pursue your passion. You must however enjoy what you are doing…or the excitement will wane.

Know your own strengths and capitalize on them:  Rather than try and be a “one man show,” it’s better to do a little self discovery and and focus on your strengths.

Let other people join you to make up for the areas you are weak in.

It takes lots of hard work and patience to grow a successful business. Don’t be fooled into believing that this will happen overnight.

Success comes much easier if you apply yourself in areas that come easy to you…areas that take advantage of the skills that you are really good at…the gifts that you have.

Plan and plan again: No different than any architect or engineer…you must have set of plans that pave the way to the vision that you hold so dear. An engineer cannot build a bridge without plans…and you cannot build your empire without plans.

You need concrete goals to realize the success you are after. I am not sure how many people actually realize how powerful it is to write these goals down. When you write them down…you take a concrete action step…and this my friends starts those atoms/molecules in motion…to start creating and filling in that vision that you are holding. 

No one achieves success by sitting around and wishing about it all day….or dreaming about it…or even envisioning it.

Without the action steps you are unlikely to experience any kind of success.

It’s those action steps that actually get the atoms/molecules moving into motion to create. (by the way…nothing has ever been created without motion…motion is vibration and vibration produces energy and energy is life)

Without a plan in place…failure has an upper hand. I used to poo-poo the idea of writing things down…thinking all I had to do was think them. I write all my goals down now because I actually realize the power I set in motion by doing this action step.

Failure is not an option: In addition to having your mindset right, an entrepreneur has ultimate belief in their goals. They know their great business ideas can become reality.

You’ll have a much easier time attaining your business goals if you are able to sustain extreme faith in yourself.  Just be careful to balance your confidence and the risk your idea brings to your business.

Work: You are seriously disillusioned if you believe that you won’t have to work. You’re right…you won’t have to work your 9-5 job…you have attained freedom from that tedious schedule. You are now free to set your own work schedule.

Unlike being an employee…where once you leave the workplace…your  time is yours and you no longer have to dwell upon your  work tasks…as an entrepreneur expect to think business every hour of the day…particularly in the beginning of any business endeavor.

Work you must….and this takes discipline. Especially in the beginning…this was and is some of the hardest work I have ever put in!

Network: There is no more important skill to shine at than at networking. And networking in the business world is more important than anywhere else. Particularly for small business’ like online business’.

Your network is where your opportunities will spring from….and these are also the people that will support you and your products.

In my humble opinion your networking is your single most important skill and you would do wise to develop it.

Never disregard an email, support ticket or blog comment or disregard whom you may end up sitting next to at a conference. These may just be your next biggest supporters or clients.

Open mind: I bet there are as many entrepreneurs around that completed their college education as those that haven’t any college education. As an entrepreneur these titles will not help you to succeed in your own business.

So, how do these non educated entrepreneurs make it? Simple…they keep an open mind about their business and are constantly learning every aspect that can bring good things to their business.

Don’t stop asking questions…and always be open to new knowledge. Thinking you know everything is the fools way of doing business. With technology jumping by leaps and bounds…in this fast changing world….you will get much farther with an open receptive mind.

Faith and Perseverance: Two key words in an entrepreneurs language. They know that nothing worth anything comes easy. Despite your hard work, dedication and perseverance, there will always be times when success seems to be just out of reach.  For an entrepreneur this could mean serious setbacks and problems…and possibly bankruptcy.

But a true entrepreneur is the first one  to bounce back on his feet…ready to start anew. Pair these two qualities with persistence and you have the vital qualities needed to be a budding entrepreneur today.

There will always be disappointments…but we couldn’t appreciate the sweetness of success without first experiencing what disappointment feels like. That is the very thing that makes it sweet!

Disappointments are temporary and a true entrepreneur does not look at them as disappointments…rather they take what they have learned from the experience and build on it.

I’ll bet they learn more from their disappointments than from their successes.

Perfect these qualities and you will succeed.

Discipline: As an entrepreneur there will be no one to tell you to get to  work…how hard to work or when to stop. There will be times when its the last thing you feel like doing…but you must develop the necessary discipline to  get these tasks done…whether you feel like it or not.

The trade off is the fact that you can schedule your work for the most part around your personal life….and not the other way around.

As you can clearly see…it is no easy road to becoming a successful entrepreneur. It takes hard work, dedication, sacrifice, patience and lots of tenacity, persistence and faith. It is not a world for the weak at heart but for those who are tired of being dictated to and determined that to change things and reclaim their lives on their own terms.

For those willing to put the energy inthat have the necessary discipline to succeed without direction from someone else….the rewards are tremendous.

For me it’s a no brainer.  After being a corporate slave for way too many years…there’s nothing stopping this Fempreneur now ;)…I’ll never go back.

This is the age of Opportunity…like never before. Take advantage of being alive in this incredible time.

Love to hear your thoughts on entrepreneurship…especially in this new age of the Internet.

I really am interested….

The one piece of advice I want to leave you with is this:

NEVER GIVE UP! No matter what comes your way…find your way through it…prove to the Universe your resolve…. and NEVER GIVE UP.

Remember….winners win…because they NEVER GIVE UP!

Kathy *
thank you everyone from my heart for your patience while seeing me through a tough time 😉

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