global economy

Wow, I can’t believe how much time has passed since my last post. You know I read somewhere that time really is going by faster…and I believe it. Has something to do with the Schumann resonance and the spin of the earth.

Although it seems I haven’t been around much…I actually have been. I have been working diligently with my new business partner Suzen (new business partner…old friend) and we’re very close to opening the doors to our new outsourcing blog.

Actually, we are not only going to cover outsourcing…but it will be a site dedicated to the new entrepreneur that seems to be emerging along with our new global economy.

That coupled with the fact that my 86 year old mom has been in and out of the hospital the past month (more in than out)…not only do I have responsibility to her…but to my 88 year old dad who just has terrible depth perception and requires attention to leave the house anymore.

As much as I love my marketing and my readership…family must always come first…and I hope they do with you also.

Because of many factors….the world economy included…. people are turning to the net in droves to try to carve out a living for themselves and their families.  It is now possible for anyone…with determination, perseverance, tenacity and firm faith in themselves…to become the entrepreneur they have dreamed about and possibly for the first time in their lives…be their own boss.

All because the Internet reaches people equally…without prejudice…even the small guy….who now has more opportunity than he has ever had before. Continue reading