The Sacred Heart of Love is honored in all religions. Often depicted as the “Heart Chakra” in Eastern Religions…the Anahata. Now obviously, this cannot be by chance. So, why do all religions and faiths honor the heart? Why do we as humans associate LOVE with the heart? Why not the stomach or the brain?

Why do we draw “hearts” when we speak of LOVE and not another organ? Where does this association come from?

Why do we also honor the “Immaculate Heart of Mary?”

Why is the Heart Chakra, the Anahat…the seat of balance between all Chakras…the three higher and the three lower? Why does the “Diamond lotus” live in the heart chakra? What does all this mean?

“The fourth chakra, the chakra of the heart, is the place where resides our Spirit, our true Self, which is eternally pure and unaffected by anything, like a shining diamond hidden within us which witnesses all our actions. After Self-Realization, our attention becomes for the first time connected to our Spirit and we gradually become aware of it.” – See more Heart Chakra 

Are you aware that your heart is the first organ developed in your body? The heart is your direct connection to God/Source. The heart is resonating with love from the creator. That’s what gives you life…it is your HEARTBEAT…something that none of us can live without…literally. Do you see the connection? 

The heart KNOWS your perfect path because there is nothing between the heart’s vibration and LOVE. Nothing to disturb that peace or distort the message. It is where the essence of purity lives.

We must move from thinking with our minds…to listening to our hearts…because every mind only entertains it’s “personal” view of things but the Sacred Heart/Immaculate Heart sees and KNOWS because it is directly connected to Source while the mind throws personal opinions, labels and definitions into the mix.














Even Super-Man knows where his power is coming from…it is blazing forth from his HEART! The SACRED HEART is where all power lies.




I found myself listening to this song earlier this morning when it struck me that this Love song was really between myself and my own heart…it was speaking directly to me…!!


Stop and listen but rather than point the finger out…point your finger in and know that the unconditional love that we’re all searching for outside of ourselves is actually the unconditional love our hearts are waiting to give us. We’ve been looking for this precious “unconditional love” in all the wrong places. We’ve looked everywhere but in…


Love songs…although seemingly about others are nothing but our own hearts trying to reach through…trying to get us to turn within where LOVE lives.


For, when we can love ourselves without judgments and conditions of any kind…when we can love what God/Source lovingly created…then we can give this feeling to another.


We cannot give another a vibration/resonance we do not own for ourselves.


If you want to love unconditionally and be loved unconditionally then you must give this vibe off. You must first develop that vibe for yourself…you must own it…then it is yours to give freely. As long as you are judging yourself on anything…for any reason…you will be judged and judge others for the same thing.

You cannot separate yourself from your vibration. Your vibration resonates exactly what you are not what you are wishing to be. If you are judging yourself on something then you are vibrating that frequency and attracting all things within that frequency. It is actually a gift but we don’t recognize it. Rather than recognize it as Love speaking to us…showing us a fear within that needs transmuting to LOVE… (so that we as Grand Alchemists can turn fear into LOVE)…we simply judge the other.


You must learn the vibration game. Everything that comes into your life is reflection of you…whether you choose to believe so or not. If you resonate it…you attract it.


Look in the mirror every morning and give yourself a big hug. Tell yourself how much you love EVERYTHING …and I mean everything about yourself….(what you now consider your best and worst habits included)…

When you can love and accept yourself because of your seemingly “bad habits” not in spite of them…you will KNOW and become ONE with GOD…because God is nothing but LOVE. Love could never be found in your judgments, conditions or labels.

LOVE is found where conditions, judgments and labels are not. In your heart…your Sacred Immaculate Heart.

As the saying goes…

“the answer was right under your nose….and has been all along”

(note that the heart is under the nose but the brain is above the nose…have you ever heard anyone say the “answer was on top of your nose?”)


Heartfully yours…





Wow, can’t believe I have not blogged here in nearly a year! Like everyone…I have my own “issues” in life but I am back on track and will be posting regularly.

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