If creating a membership site from scratch is your thing, I discovered an awesome series of videos that you can purchase to get  you going on setting up your membership site.   Membership Master is a collection of 8 Professionally recorded videos that will teach you everything you need to know about setting up your own membership site and installing AmemberPro.  This series will get you through the tough technical issues you encounter when setting up a membership script.

Among other things…you will learn:

  1. what tools you need before you start
  2. how to plan your site out
  3. how to set up and organize your download and welcome page
  4. how to set up a Word Press blog
  5. how to set up a forum
  6. how to install the AMemberPro membership script…this is where it gets technical and could be a major road block if you are not proficient in techie stuff.  Let Dave get you past all those kinks with his step by step video.
  7. how to create products and protect your files with the script
  8. testing your membership site to make sure it works

These videos were created by the Master himself, Dave Nicholson…who has created many successful membership sites.  The cost is exceptionally good at $47.00 for an instant download.  That’s for the entire video package.  Of course Dave has promised a complete refund if you are not happy with your package.

If Amember Pro is your choice of subscription software this video series is for you.

Membership Master

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