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Be free as a butterfly...Recently I have felt a bit drained.  There’s alot on my plate right now and managing my time is of utmost importance.  There’s the job outside the home (hopefully that will be a thing of the past sometime soon),, the family that needs attention,the home itself, the forum, the class, the ebook, this blog and just life in general takes time.   Whew, I get tired just thinking about it.   😉

No wonder I was feeling drained.  I was ignoring some of the most important elements that have helped me get here.  Meditation…time to connect with the internal being…to connect with source, to revive and rejuvenate my spirit…the engine that runs me.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in outside demands, we forget to address our internal needs.  But, if we are to succeed…and feel rewarded in the process…these things must come first.

Taking responsibility for our actions also keeps us on the right path.  Life is always going to throw issues at us.  It is how we respond to these issues that effects our conditions.  Remember the two side of a coin.  People who just react have no vision.  They simply follow a patterned reaction.  They do not see the bigger picture.  Those that act consciously (fully aware of their actions) see the bigger picture and know they have choices in how they react to their trials and circumstances and these choices create their environment.

Remember, everything is relative.  The only absolute is God…or whatever term you use to address the Higher Being Energy.  And, make no mistake about it…there is a Higher Being…it can’t be any other way.  There is energy ahead of us and energy behind us. It’s evolution.

An issue that may seem totally bad/negative to you, if you could see the bigger picture…somewhere this same action is good/positive for someone or something else.   There are always two sides.  Be careful how you label things….because as you see it…it will be.  That is your choice….your freewill.

We are all One movement forward.  when you separate yourself out from the whole you are leaving the flow and fighting against life.  You’re trying to swim upstream.  “Go with the flow” my friends and you will know peace.  See the bigger picture and peace will be yours.  Take time to meditate and connect with source…and you will feel the peace I am speaking of.

It’s that place where nothing else abides.  That’s why it’s peaceful.  😉

There are two sides to every coin. We do have choices.  Live in peace or not….the choice is yours.

I found a wonderful site that is full of inspiring and motivational material.  And, the best part about it is there are four pages of free ebooks to help and inspire you.  Something for everyone…and, if you are reading this, no doubt there is something for you.

White Dove Books

I promise you it’s worth a visit.

Food for thought:  “As man is God was once, and as God is man shall become.”

Peace….my friends,


Eye of God

Hourglass NebulaHere is a picture of MyCn18, also called the Hourglass Nebula.  This nebula is located in the constellation of Musca and is approximately 8000 light years from earth.  The picture was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and it was discovered by Annie Jump Cannon and Margaret  W. Mayall.

The April 1997 issue of National Geographic featured it on the cover and because of it’s unique appearance the magazine’s editors commented that “Astronomers looked 8000 years into the cosmos with the Hubble Space Telescope and it seemed that the eye of God was staring back.”

The hourglass nebula looks exactly like a vesica piscis….a geometric figure that everything else in the Universe springs from.   It is literally referred to as the womb of the Universe.

What is most fasinating to me  is that eye in the center.  If you click on the picture you can magnify it with the tool they provide.   Believe me, its worth it.   Awesome isn’t it?   Is it any wonder that they called it the “eye of God.”

There’s lots of talk about 2012 and it’s significance.  We are heading back into the Golden Age, having come through the silver, bronze and iron ages, (the age we are presently in) we will soon enter the Golden Age….the age of enlightenment.  Each age is approximately 6,500 years, so it takes approximately 26,000 years to complete the cycle.  Everything has a season…a calendar.  Not only does the earth and other planets orbit around the sun, the sun and planetary system has it’s own orbit around the galaxy…and the galaxy is on it’s own path around the Universe.  Each creating it’s own times and seasons.  We must pay attention, not only to our own earth’s rotation and revolution, but expand our horizons to understand the greater systems.  It is happening, whether we choose to pay attention or not.

The womb of our Milky Way galaxy is soon to give birth to a new earth…a new way of living and being.  We are coming to the end of an age….not only the end of an age, but the completion of  the 26,000 cycle .  On Dec. 21st, 2012 the planes of the earth, sun and center of our galaxy will line up.  Forming a perfect alignment with the center of the galaxy the sun will sit precisely on the heavenly crossroads between the Milky Way and the galactic equinox….creating a portal that only happens once in 26,000 years.  Can you imagine the energy that will flow through?

For all you scientists that have a difficult time connecting with the Mayans and what their calendar predicted…for all those who need scientific proof….check out the scientific proof of something major happening astronomically in the heavens in the year 2012.  There truly is a physical, tangible event in the heavens on this date.  If we go back in time to when each of those 6,500 year ages ended, we will find that something major occured  to completely change the course of mankind.

It is time for the marriage of science and spirit.  Is it any wonder that the world mantra right now is “change?”

Once again the cosmos mirrors what is happening here on earth.  The space created when you cross two circles is called the womb (it looks exactly like a woman’s womb…the place of creation.)  MyCn18 (as well as SuperNova 1987A) are perfect examples of the vesica piscis…the womb.  Not surprising that they have both recently surfaced to our attention.  Clues from the heavens to us of what is happening here on earth as well as throughout the Universe.

“As above, so below.”

So, next time you go gazing into the cosmos…..know that the cosmos is gazing back at you. (with lots of love…of course  😉 )

Cosmically yours,


Twitter Tutorial

While doing my homework on Twitter today I ran into this tutorial.  I want to stress again how important it is that you jump on the Twitter bandwagon now.  Just as Facebook and Youtube have exploded with followers,  Twitter is soon to follow suit and in fact, is already on its way.  This is the groundfloor Marketing opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

This is an excellant tutorial.  I couldn’t have done it better myself.  The second video is almost an hour long, so grab a snack and your favorite drink before settling in.  You won’t be disappointed.  You will be set up on Twitter and ready to “tweet” and gain followers by the time  you finish the videos.   😉

If you don’t have time to watch the first two tutorials, then at least watch the third one.  That should be all the inspiration you need to convince you to spend the time watching the first two!

I guarantee  if you watch these videos, you’ll come away comfortable with your new Twitter account.

Position yourself now to take advantage of the tens of millions of new Twitter tweeters destined to come aboard in the next few years.  And, they will come…just look at Facebook and Youtube.

I want to position myself as a teacher and someone who adds value to peoples lives.  What better value could there be than to give someone the tools to be financially independant?

Financial Freedom will flow to me as I unselfishly give it to others.

Here’s that link:

Happy “tweeting”…


Twitter is HOT

Has anyone  noticed that it’s all about Twitter these days?  When it comes to conversation about social networking, Twitter is the attention getter, the rising star.  And, it’s rising fast.  Even President Obama has a Twitter account and a very large following.

So, what’s all the fuss about?  Twitter is a relatively new social networking site that allows it’s users to follow their family, friends and co-workers with short “tweets.”  The “tweets” are limited to 140 characters to keep it quick and frequent.  If you go over 140 characters, the send button is disabled and you’ll have to start over.

All that’s needed to use Twitter is an Internet Connection and or a mobile phone and the ability to text.

After you register, sign in to your homepage  Your homepage gives you all the options you need to navigate the site.  If you click on the settings tab, you can even customize your homepage with a background of your choice from your own library or you can use one of their provided backgrounds.

Some of the features of Twitter include:

  1. the ability to block anyone you do not want following you.
  2. a favorites tab on your homepage to collect your favorite “tweets.”
  3. a tab to keep everything private and not allow public viewing of your “tweets.”
  4. direct link tab to connect with someone you are following privately.  Only you and the recipient can view this tweet.  You can only send private messages to a person who is following you.
  5. a replies tab…used to reply to a previous tweet.  When you use this feature, @username will appear before your tweet. 
  6. a badge to place on your social networking site or blog to show your updates.
  7. the ability to seach for friends by name or username, import friends from other networks, or invite them with a friendly email. 

There are more features, but these are the prominent ones…the ones you will use the most. 

Twitter has plenty of helpful info on their site to get you going, but if you want more ideas or maybe you have an idea you want to share I found this site to be excellent to fill in the gaps.

So the burning question is…”why use Twitter?”  Because of it’s ease of use…(you only need a username and password…no credit card 🙂 ) networking has never been easier.  You can drive customers to your website by announcing new products etc. and tweeting your link or place a link to your blog and gain new readers as well as just making new friends.  There are endless possible applications for it’s use.

Attention all Internet Marketers….Dave Nicholson said Twitter is the preferred site for Internet Marketers.  Wow, a place to hang out with the Internet’s best Marketers?   Need I say more?!  

Come and follow me on Twitter and let’s share ideas, thoughts and blogs.  Sign up and follow me here.  

I’m still learning the ropes, so let’s learn  together!    

Happy Tweeting!


First Class Webinar

Had our first class webinar today.  I think it’s more fun for those of us not located in the UK.  We get to hear all those British accents…and in my opinion that just adds to the fun… 🙂

It was amazing that for the most part, the questions that were asked were the very same questions I had floating about in my head.  Not only was it educational, but he gave us links to all the other student blogs….and, that was the best part. 😉   I have already been to every one of them.  Obviously there are some students light years ahead of me in technical skills, I just need to be patient with myself.

I have already made an awesome connection and new friend from the list of students….Gayla.  We are the same age (which was amazing cause I thought I was the senior citizen here)…. live within 100 miles of one another and basically have the same passions for Internet Marketing and Metaphysics.  The world is really a small place isn’t it?  Anyway, her blog address is   Check her blog out…it’s lots of fun to read.  I’ll be following it for sure.

The Webinar was great inspiration for me as was the trip through all the student blogs.  I plan on going through each and every blog and signing up to follow them.  No doubt each one will offer something different in the way of insights and wisdom and I want to digest it all.

One of the first items I want to add to my blog is color and  ~movement~ in the way of pictures and videos.  My blog is a little on the flat boring side right now and I feel like that will give it the depth it needs….I just have not had time to take the tutorial and implement them.  That’s next on my agenda.

I must tell you that the webinar and access to the student blogs has reinvigorated me.  It’s almost as though it relit the fire that brought me here in the first place.  I really feel success within me.  And, that’s a good thing…. 😉

Sweet dreams,


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