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I am back from my visit to Tampa with the grandkids.  We spent four wonderful days at Indian Rocks Beach and I came home with a nice tan ;).

Forum groupMy last post revealed how to create balance within your membership site and why balance is the one element that will keep your members coming back.  If you remember, in order to achieve balance, you must educate the mind of your member as well as engaging their emotions by touching their heart.

But, how do you do that?  There is an module that is the perfect platform for creating balance within your site and that module is your forum.  A forum can achieve so many things within your membership site not the least of which is the ability to get to know your members on a personal basis as well as letting them get to know you on a personal basis.  The more human and approachable you are to your members, the more loyalty they will feel to you and your site.  How important is loyalty when it comes to retention!  Remember, it is easier to retain an existing member than to try and recruit a new member.

Most likely your members joined because they sensed the ability to learn something from you…because you are offering something they want.  It is undoubtedly what drew them into joining…but, how do you retain their desire to belong?  How do you keep them interested and coming back?  You must create balance…because, we as humans are always looking for balance (consciously or unconsciously) in everything.  It’s nature’s way…and, we are part of nature.

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scaleThis morning I want to talk a little about how to create  ‘soul’ within your membership site.

But first we must understand one very basic principle in life…that principle is balance.  Everything in life needs balance.  The old adage “you can’t have one without the other” sums it up quite well.  You can’t have black without white, up without down, in without out….one simply doesn’t exist without the other.  They are the two apposing forces that create life.  Without cold, hot simply has no meaning….nothing to gauge it against.

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I received an automated email from one of Socrates Socratous lists the other day.  For those of you that are fairly new to Internet marketing, Socrates is one of the mentor/guru’s who is on top of the IM game.  Not only is he on top of his game, he plays the game as well as anyone I’ve come across in this field.

bigstockphoto_digital_money_2744928One of the reasons he is such a success at what he does is because he gives so much of himself and his knowledge for free that people naturally want to follow him and his ideas.  By setting the reciprocol laws in motion…giving…he opens himself to receive.  By conducting his business keeping inline with Universal laws and principles, he has become a huge success financially and personally and has created a list of followers second to none.

Anyway the reason for this post is this:  In that email that Socrates sent out to his list he mentions the fact that he is on his way to Cyprus (yes, that’s Cyprus, the beautiful Mediteranean Island) to spend the next two months.  Wow, two months in Cyprus…his home.  Now, how many business’ do you know…other than IM that would allow such an extravagant trip?

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Well, it’s been a few days since I posted…actually too long.  There have been some major changes that occurred in my life in that time span.

I have become a statistic!  Yep, I was laid off…well, not actually laid off, they eliminated my job.  That’s the problem when you have a specialized job…which I did.  You’re one of the first to go.  It’s unbelievable how I am seeing my life change right in front of my eyes…all since I took the “action” step and joined John Thornhill’s Marketing MasterClass.  I was really struggling to keep up…working 40 hours a week, tending my blog…writing my ebook…and trying to keep some semblance of decency to my house!  I prayed for more time to devote to my new Internet business.  Seems the Universe joined hands with me and now I am on my way.

I am both exhilarated (I really do feel liberated!) and a bit scared!  But, I refuse to give any energy to ‘fear.’  The way I look at it, I am one step closer to being a success on the Internet.  And, I am grateful!  This is my dream…and, it’s manifesting!

Now, for a little education….

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A friend of mine is starting a new membership site and I thought you may like to have a look at it.
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