I just arrived home today from a visit with my grandkids (they are the lights of my life) and even though I am a bit tired from the drive…2 hours north, I am running on adrenaline because I get to announce the winners of my Camtasia Snag It contest.

I have to tell you that in my two years of blogging, this blog post idea might be the most fun I’ve had yet.

Here’s some of the highlights of what I was able to accomplish:

  • Excitement around my blog 😉
  • Inspired ideas for my tagline/byline header
  • New blogging friendships – building my network
  • An opportunity to create my first Camtasia video – accomplishing and learning something new
  • Helping those who helped me by linking back to their blogs

and, so much more…

That being said, I want to move right into the winners…and there are two as promised.

Watch the video below to see who the winner of the random drawing for Camtasia 7 and Snag It is.


Now that you know who won the “random” drawing…and congratulations to that person 😉 …

I will reveal the person I chose as my personal favorite…and, believe me, this one was tough because there were soooooo many quality entries. I had to read them many times…and still enjoy going over them. But, I wanted the opportunity to give away a second set of licenses so I had to settle on one.

But first let me thank every one who entered. Like I said I had so much fun I am thinking of running Kathy’s Crazy Contest Monthly and give away a Camtasia and Snag It license per month…or something else of value. Staaaaay tuned 😉

Although I have not decided on whether I will use the winner’s entry (remember, the contest was for ideas)…it was the one that most closely represented what I was trying to accomplish by blogging. And, not only did this person have one that I was enamored with, but both his entries caught my eye and imagination…giving him the edge I felt gave him the blue ribbon…

And the WINNER  of Camtasia 7 and Snag It bundle is:

David Taylor

David’s entry “Living my dream by helping you live yours” is what I resonate with strongly and felt that he was able to sum up in a few short simple words what others had also similarly expressed, but he just seemed to nail it.

David’s other entry helped him to seal the deal:

“Let me help you to help yourself” I too resonated strongly with these words because I used to sign off on my Auto – Responder emails like this…

“Helping you to help yourself”

Once again congratulations to David and thank you to all you blogging Super Stars who participated. You’ve each given me such wonderful inspiration and for that reason I would like to give a little link juice/love back…

So, here’s a list of all the wonderful participants…you can easily find their entries in the comments section of this blog post:

Join the Fun…Not One but Two Winners!

Blogging Super Stars    

  1. Michael
  2. Jacinta Dean
  3. Barry Wells
  4. Barry Wells
  5. Mandy Allen
  6. Linda
  7. Robyn
  8. Michael
  9. Pat Graham
  10. Pat Graham
  11. Mike Shephard
  12. Joyce Anthony
  13. Ann Borman
  14. Ian Ieba
  15. Martin
  16. Julie
  17. Dee Ann Rice
  18. Dawn Kay
  19. David Taylor
  20. David Taylor
  21. Sally Neill
  22. Rob Corrigan
  23. Steve King
  24. Terry Conti
  25. Andy Beveridge
  26. Linda

Soooooo congratulations to David and to Linda…for her lucky random draw. The Universe was on your side today…I know you’re going to love using this software and creating some fantastic videos….they will both be receiving their licenses and directions for download in their emails later today. 😉

No excuses for not exploring the world of video now 😉

To all my blogging super stars…thanks for your participation and once again…stay tuned for details about “Kathy’s Crazy Contest Monthly” if you didn’t win today…there will be another chance 😉

Until the next time…

enJOY every moment,

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