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I got some great news the other day from Clickbank that I had sold another ebook. Every time I receive those emails they produce a euphoric feeling… after working for months to get it done along with the sales page.

So, I thought it time to introduce my own circle of friends  to my new ebook called “Crazy Cash Membership Sites.” If you are not familiar with membership sites, they are simply websites that charge some sort of fee to access some or all of the material presented on the site.  There are also free membership sites that are created to capture your email address for their ‘list.’ This are discussed at length in my book.

What most people do not realize is how hot these membership sites have become. There is a reason for that….residual income.  The kind that comes in on a steady, recurring basis month after month.  There is no better way to create security for yourself and your family  than to have streams of recurring income.

Additionally, membership sites provide freedom at a level rarely  experienced before the advent of the Internet. Freedom to work when you want and where you want.  You can be sleeping, playing, vacationing….but someone somewhere is signing up for your membership site…creating income for you.

Now, I am not going to mislead you into thinking that membership sites are not hard work…especially in the beginning.  But you benefit from your own hard work, instead of putting all your efforts into something that someone else benefits from. Once you have it running smoothly, you can watch your membership grow as well as your bank account. 😉

And, don’t forget, the world is your market. As an Internet business owner you are no longer limited by your geographic location.  In fact, my first ebook  sale was made to a gentleman from Iceland! So, you see the possibilities! Furthermore, there is no “open”, “close” with you membership site.  Your hours are infinite…you are open 24/7.

There are membership sites being created in every topic/niche imaginable. You might be surprised at what people are starting membership sites on…I know I was (yes, there really is a membership site on Fishing Stories!)  I’ve included live links to active membership sites within my book to show you the possibilities and to ignite your imagination.

For those of you hungry and ready to learn about this exciting opportunity that is taking the Internet by storm, you’ll find everything you need to get you started on this lucrative journey in:

Crazy Cash Membership Sites

For those that want to know more before they take advantage of this opportunity, I’ll  be releasing a new short report I’ve written called “Membership Sites Are Hot.”  It will be made available FREE to anyone who signs up as a subscriber.

If you have a hobby that you have the ability to teach, you’re an expert in some field…or want to be, or you simply have a passion you are knowledgeable about and you want to share it with everyone then membership sites are your ticket.

At the very least, sign up to my readers list so that you can further investigate this awesome opportunity that is available to anyone who owns a computer.  Trust me…you’ll be glad you did!

Financial freedom is only a membership site away!

I am all about Freedom…yours and mine!

Kathy  😉

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