Finally, my first post in 2012!

The holidays are over, the New Year has begun and it’s time to buckle down to blogging and blogging and more blogging. Then of course there is commenting, and commenting and more blog commenting before it’s all done ;)…and, don’t forget the social bookmarking 😉

I am truly excited writing this post because over Christmas, in fact, between Christmas and New Years I got to meet up with one of my favorite online marketers (this guy is a PLR genius)...who has also become a dear friend.

Me and Ian

I’ve been aware for a while now that it would be advantageous for me to meet up with some of the marketers that are in my circle of friends..and even new marketers that I am just getting to know online.

However…because I started my online journey in John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass, many (if not most) of my online friends hale from the UK, Scotland or somewhere very near.

Now, that’s not a problem…until you want to meet these folks in person. Cost a bit to fly over that big pond if you are in the US …and it’s just not practical for those monthly meetings that marketer Randy Smith holds that I am dying to attend.

So, because of the obvious distance and large body of water between us, I had not as of December of 2011 met any online marketing friends or just online marketers in general.

Well, all that changed between Christmas and New Years. Ian Ieba (yep…the PLR super coach) and his lovely wife Evette were vacationing in Orlando, Florida for three sweet weeks and although I live 3 hours away in Cape Coral, Florida, I always go to Tampa to spend Christmas and a few days after Christmas with the grandkids. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

Tampa is only 90 miles from where Ian and Evette were and after contacting him, he so graciously agreed to drive the 90 miles to my daughter’s beach condo in Indian Rocks Beach so that we could meet up for a few hours last Wednesday afternoon.

Ian and Evette (how cute are they!)

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed meeting Ian and Evette and how much fun it was to actually speak and hug another marketer…in person! This was/is very special to me as my first ever meeting with someone I’ve known and admired online…and one that will remain special because of that.

As you can see by the pics, the wind was blowing that day…in fact it was downright cold for Florida…;)…although the sun was out it was probably in the low 70’s with the windchill bringing it down into the 60’s.

After some lovely enlightening conversation with Ian and Evette…and before they left, we took a walk down to the beach for some more shots where the wind really played havoc with us 😉 …lol

Ian, Me and Evette

Even though it actually happened late last year…I consider it my motivating factor to get me off on the right foot this year. This is a grand way to start my New Year in online marketing.

It’s only the beginning. I have others planned and hope to meet up with another marketer in February if all things turn out as they should 😉

And, someday…someday soon I am going to surprise all my UK and Scottish Internet marketing friends and buddies and just pop into one of their monthly meetings. lol

But, that is for another day.

For this meeting I have Ian and Evette to thank. Evette and I realized after talking that we work in the same/similiar offline field of work. So we had plenty to share.

They were lovely people and my family enjoyed meeting them also. Next time they must come for a longer stay on the west coast of Florida.

I am hoping that someday Ian and Evette will move to the US as they plan. It would be our gain for sure and how fun it would be to have someone as smart as Ian so close 😉 and Evette to play with  😉

In the meantime, I will continue to network…and hopefully make more marketing friend connections in the states where it is just a tad bit easier (at least on my present budget) to plan meetings and go to seminars.

Someday in the near future…I hope to be traveling all over the world and meeting marketers from all walks of life.

Until then…I’ll be forever grateful to Ian for taking time from his vacation to meet up with me.  I not only consider Ian a fabulous marketer and brilliant PLR coach…but I now consider Ian and his lovely wife Evette close friends.


Evette, …Shannon, Juliet, Michael…my family and Ian

You can’t start the New Year out any better than that 😉


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