Things are really heating up as John Reese releases his second video leading up to the launch  of “Outsource Force.” If these videos are any indication of what’s inside this course, I remain very interested.

Here’s some of what he shares in this free video:

  • Web sites you can use today to find people to hire for $300/month full-time.
  • The magical “not-an-iPad” device that turns ideas into auto-pilot cash flow.
  • A special task you can give anyone to find out if they’re a ‘good’ worker.
  • Why you should avoid outsourcing firms at all costs. (How John lost over $100,000.)
  • The inexpensive software John calls his “money-making delegation machine.”

And much, much more!

Watch The Video Right Now:
“Outsource Force”

Remember, these videos are free to watch…you don’t even need to sign up to a list. Just follow the link and start the video.

Everyone loves a free education and it doesn’t get any better than this. I can already tell that I like the way he teaches. He’s easy to follow and seems to be a natural born teacher.  And, because of his enormous budget, his videos are second to none…a real pleasure to watch and learn from.

No matter what your intentions are concerning his actual course that is upcoming, you’d be crazy not to take advantage of these free outsourcing videos that are shock full of valuable information you can implement immediately.

Let me know what you think….;)

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