Just as one opportunity closes it’s doors to your outsourcing education, another opens up. Normally I wouldn’t pay much attention since I’ve already enrolled in Tyrone’s MasterMind, but this one is special and I simply cannot ignore the significance of its launch.

If you have been in the Internet marketing field for any amount of time, the name John Reese will have made its way into your mail box. John is one of the earliest Internet Marketing Guru’s (geez the guy has been doing this since 1990!) and if you haven’t heard of him from that angle, then here’s an angle that you won’t easily forget:

John is the first Internet marketer to earn over $1,000,000 in just over 18 hours promoting a product of his. You read that right…over a million dollars in less than 24 hours on one product launch. How he accomplished that feat is a story in itself, but its very obvious the guy knows what he is doing and draws huge crowds of hungry Internet marketers eager to learn from him.

The reason for this post is that I’ve gotten wind that John is launching “Outsource Force” his new course on outsourcing (his new favorite spot is the Philippines…not surprising) and who knows what other related topics will be covered and taught….

Here’s what you’re going to learn in the first video of a 5 video series leading up to his launch:

“The $2 Per Hour Power Formula”

– How to turn 5 hours worth of effort into over 100 hours
of results using this simple trick.

– The magical “not-an-iPad” device that turns ideas into
auto-pilot cash flow.

– How the wildly successful “Blue Man Group” revolutionized
the entertainment industry with this unheard of strategy.

– Why brainstorming new ideas is where all the money gets made
and how to spend your time mostly doing that.

– Dissecting the “Big Six” online money-making models to
show you how the right system can maximize income potential.

It seems that John Jonas (of Replacemyself.com) helped John Reese get started outsourcing in the Philippines….just a few months ago…which proves how hot this topic really is. When someone of John Reese’s stature jumps on the bandwagon…then my advice is to sit up and take notice.

Obviously John Reese sees real “opportunity” here or why would he even bother? He certainly does not need the money!

But, John Reese is a very, very smart business man. He has been using the power and leverage of outsourcing for many years now but more recently became aware of the hidden jewel…the Philippines. And, now he has created and will be teaching a course covering this topic.

Although I am in Tyrone’s class (and enjoying it…more on it later) I will be considering John’s course also. I want to learn from all the outsourcing Guru’s so that I can provide the best education to my own readers. This is a topic I am very, very passionate about and I am totally hooked on it as my niche. I simply love writing about it and taking action with it!

I’ll be covering a bit of Tyrone’s course in my next blog post…updating my progress etc.

For those of you who missed out on Tyrone’s outsourcing class, you’ve been given a second chance….

Go watch the first video now…it is worth every minute of your time…believe me!

“The $2 Per Hour Power Formula”….by John Reese

You know, every once in a while an opportunity comes knocking that has incredible possibilities in regards to your own personal and financial freedom. This is one of those times.

If you realize the importance of learning and applying the principles of outsourcing to the Philippines…if you realize that you are now being given the chance to connect with and learn from a Super Guru then this is a  no brainer!

If that isn’t enough, John is completely making over his site:

http://www.marketingsecrets.com/john.html and everything will be included in his new site:


and, just to complete this blog post on John Reese his other site is: Opportunity.com

Wow, how does anyone even get those domain names? Pretty powerful stuff!

Even if you have no intention of joining a course…learning the secrets that John reveals in these videos could mean the difference between a “barely making it in business” to a wildly successful business! These videos are free to watch, so you’d be crazy to pass up the opportunity to learn.

“Outsource Force”….

I continue to amazed and totally immersed  in this outsourcing niche!

enJOY your day and enVision your dreams!

Kathy *

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